Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile.
But just wanting to share a bunch of random things today, so it works.

1. Had a great weekend! We went to Fright Fest at Six Flags amusement park and had so much fun.
Mike and I, the kids, my parents and my niece all went together which was great because it gave Mike and I a chance to go on the Batman and Mr. Freeze roller coasters while Evan and Erin hung out with my parents watching some of the shows. Mike and I usually don't get to ride together if it's just the two of us and the kids, so we were pretty excited. And my niece Madi joined us because she loves roller coasters. I absolutely adore her!

2. Lots of shopping for fall and winter clothes is done. That's always good to have out of the way.

3. Still drinking green smoothies a few times a week for a meal or two. I am having fun making up my own combinations now. :)

Have had some sad and what could have been scary events in our neighborhood recently. A shooting that has led to protesting. Fortunately it's been mostly peaceful and makes me proud of the people in our community.

5. Received a note from a student last Wednesday when I was volunteering in Erin's first grade classroom.
I was helping the students with reading and he made this for me. :)

6. Pinned *this recipe* off Pinterest today
and I think it looks like something I can get everyone in the family to eat! Going to try it next week.

7. Also pinned *this*...
There are so many yummy sounding cupcakes there that I just had to pin it. I know it's not spring but who cares, right? :)


Hands down my favorite show right now! Evan and I are actually watching it together. Although it takes us a few nights to get through both episodes per week. We watch for a little while after Erin goes to bed since his bedtime is later. It's fun sharing a show with him that we can watch and talk about.

9. Almost done cleaning up my scrapbook space. I should have it done tomorrow, and then I plan to work on my Summer album from last year.

I love this print by Ashley G on Etsy. I love the sentiment. I love the font and colors. I may just get it.

Have a great day!


  1. These are fantastic!!! I hope things in your neighborhood stay peaceful.
    We are headed to Fright Fest this weekend.

  2. Loving your list!! We love the Voice too!!! That whole "My Boo" thing with Blake was hilarious!!! LOL!!! Sorry to hear about the shooting in your area :(

  3. Fun post!! Love the note and looks like a fun weekend too! Glad you have been staying safe with all that has been going on!!

  4. Great list, Mary Jo! The drawing from your student melts my heart. So sweet and adorable!

  5. yum
    just pinned that chicken buffalo penne--yum yum
    i think i am going to make that next week!

  6. Love this post and your student note is precious!! :) Evie

  7. Great post on your top tens :)
    Sounds like a wonderful time with the whole family at the park.
    I still love that my girls enjoy to watch certain shows with me.

  8. What a great post..so scary to have a shooting in your neighborhood and how sweet your little love note. ITA never too early for spring flavored cupcakes. Enjoy your day!

  9. Fun list. That little note and drawing from Erin's classmate is the sweetest!

  10. Great post. So sweet of the student. I am sad to hear about shooting but sounds like it is turning to positive.

  11. Oh my, that note from Henry....so adorable! Off to check out the cupcakes. There's a charity bake sale coming up at work. I need ideas! :)

  12. What a special note from a student!
    Love your top 10 for Tuesday!

  13. I love that note!! Doesn't that just make your whole week?! :D