Monday, October 6, 2014

Me (A Scraplift)

*ETA* I am linking this layout up over on the Paper Issues blog for the current issue "What the...?" as it uses speech bubbles and ampersands (punctuation) :)
I completed a scrapbook layout last week right before we left for the weekend to drive down to Joplin. This page is basically a scraplift of a layout that Jill Sprott had posted in the Studio Calico gallery a while back. I had pinned it to Pinterest because I loved that little cloud paper she used and just the overall feel of the page.
You can see her page *Here*
And this is my take...
I really, really am happy with this page for a few reasons.
First of all, every once in a while I like to do a page about myself because I think it is fun to look back on these types of pages and see what was going on in my life at the time.
Also, I would love if my mom had done something similar. My kids may or may not someday appreciate these types of pages.
And lastly, I have all this great inspiration pinned on Pinterest and I really want to focus on finally using some of those ideas. Whether it's a direct scraplift or something I am just inspired by, I think it will be a good boost to getting more pages done.

It would be great if I could promise a Pinterest Monday or something like that. But I'm sure you know by now that I wouldn't stick to it :) But I think you will see more "Pinspiration" posts in the future for sure.

As for the weekend, we had a great time in Joplin with Mike.
The kids and I left pretty soon after they got out of school on Friday pretty much and didn't get there until around 8:30. Then on Saturday Mike had to go to the job site early, but we met him there for lunch.
After lunch we went back and hung out for a bit, but then Erin started getting bored. So I took her back to the apartment while Evan stayed and had a great time getting a private tour
He couldn't wait to tell me all about it when he got back!
While we waited for the boys, Erin and I played Uno
colored together, and went down to the playground.
That night we went out to dinner and then decided to go to one of the local Haunted Houses despite being tired. And we were glad we did.
We chose this one, Wolfman's House of Screams, and ended up having a lot of fun.
The kids were a little unsure at first after hearing some screams and chainsaw noises. So one of the men who works there told us about the "Be Easy" tour where he leads us through with a flashlight and says "be easy" before entering each part. Then the ghouls know to back off. And it was great. Still spooky but not terrifying. And the cast were pretty cool with the kids.
I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area.

All Evan wanted to do on Sunday morning was go fishing, and Mike agreed to take him. Erin and I were going to hang out again, but she decided she wanted to go, too. So Mike brought both kids while I stayed behind to go for a run and pack up our stuff to head home after lunch.
So it was a really great weekend, but now it's back to school and routine again.
And maybe a little time to scrapbook today and make a layout using *this sketch* by Jen Chapin
over at Paper Issues. They have a link up for sketches once a month now, too, which I love.
I have a feeling even though I am not on the design team anymore I will still be participating there. It is just a great site where I have always felt comfortable.
Have a great Monday!


  1. Fab layout, Mary Jo, love the softness of it and all the layers! Looks like it was a great weekend and that's great they have a lighter version of the haunted house for the younger ones. :)

  2. Love love love your lo!! GORGEOUS colors and loving how you did the journaling!! And looks like a great weekend! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful layout! I think including ME pages are super important!! :)

  4. I love it! The colors are perfect and that is a great photo of you!

  5. Such a beautiful page and so nice to see a page all about you, Mary Jo! The cloud paper makes me happy too. :)

  6. Awesome layout Mary Jo! I love the way you did your journaling and the different patterned papers you used!

  7. Your layout is perfect.
    I love that you focused on you, I am sure your children will cherish these pages.
    Sounds like a great family weekend. and I love the photo of Erin colouring :)
    That is a great idea to have a "be easy" haunted house.
    Looks like a fun sketch, I love sketches :)

  8. Mary Jo, your lift is incredible! I love every detail, and I am flattered that my layout could be a springboard for this lovely one!

  9. Beautiful page! I too would love to have a similar peek into the lives of my mother, grandmother, etc. throughout different times of their lives. Fun to look back upon for you too!

  10. I love this layout too!! Your bits of washi are perfect! :) Evie

  11. What a wonderful page. Love the color tones you choose and those about me pages are so important since we document everyone else but tend to forget about us!

  12. What an awesome layout asks a fantastic weekend!!

  13. I LOVE this LO! My new fave of yours!

  14. I love this LO of you!! Your journaling is always amazing!!
    Such a pretty picture of you! Sounds like a fun time in Joplin how fun to go and visit Mike!
    Evan is getting so tall! That lake looks so pretty with the water fall!

  15. loving this page! All the soft layers? Perfection!

  16. Sounds like a great getaway, visiting Mike must have been wonderful Bet Evan enjoyed the fishing!

    I like this layout...your children may not appreciate them now...but will in the years to come!

  17. Great scrap lift! I always try to use ideas from the Internet ASAP (try being the operative word; it doesn't always work), otherwise they languish in a pile of notes somewhere. Good for you for getting it done quickly.

    Looks like some awesome male bonding on the construction sight, and a great trip overall. Have a good weekend!