Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Soon! :)

Well, the Craft and Hobby Association (or CHA as it is known in the scrapbook world) is going to have their winter trade show at the end of the month. And all of the scrapbook message boards and manufacturer blogs have been sharing peeks and full reveals of the new scrapbook product they will be releasing soon! The trade show will give the scrapbook store and kit club owners, to name a few, the chance to see the new product in person.

My scrapbook shopping habits have changed considerably the last two years. I definitely do not spend as much on scrapbook product, and I am much pickier about what I buy! I have to really, really love it and know I am going to use it. So thankfully I haven't seen to much that has tempted me yet :)
But here are a few of the items being released soon that are favorites for me!
1. Cosmo Cricket just can't go wrong with these adorable tiny text stickers! Love them and can imagine lots of ways to use them!
I really love the colors in Crate Paper's new Storyteller line. And since I plan on trying to work on trip scrapbooks this year (can you say Ireland and Seattle from 2009!), I this line will be great!
Another favorite line coming out by Crate Paper - Pretty Party. I have to say, I think Crate Paper is going to be one of my favorites this time around.

And I have to say, I think Studio Calico's Abroad line is going to be another favorite! I love the prints and colors and can see myself using it for travel scrapbooks as well! Plus, Studio Calico has some other amazing pieces coming out like...
these map Thickers...
and how adorable are these wood veneer people. Can see making gifts with these for family and friends. Maybe wall hangings with the family name and then one person for each family member :)
I am also a sucker for tiny type alphas. Especially in one of my favorite colors!
This bubble mask will be great for misting! I love bubbles :)
And as for October Afternoon, well so far we have seen peeks of two new lines. This one is my favorite. But I love the retro 50's feel to it! And will save judgement til I see the rest of the line.

American Crafts also has two new lines coming out by Amy Tan and Elizabeth Kartchner. And even though I have only seen peeks, I am looking forward to seeing more!

What new releases are you looking for to this CHA?


  1. It's always so much fun seeing all the new stuff that is coming out and it makes me wish I had oodles of money to buy it all! I'm really loving the My Mind's Eye stuff, all the cute embellishments that Prima is coming out with, etc. I can't wait!

    1. You know I meant to mention MME, too, Stephanie. But my post was getting so long :)
      They have a ton of great product coming out!!

  2. Great choices! My list is amazingly long! LOL!

  3. I have also become very selective and I see that our list are very similar. Crate paper really has become my go to line.

  4. It does get a little overwhelming at this time of year! I am loving the Crate Paper lines too.

  5. Gah, map Thickers! Be still my heart! I love anything October Afternoon :) I'm with you, my buying habits have changed over the years too. It depends on the project though...

  6. I would have picked all of those lines too! Can't wait!

  7. I was looking forward to seeing the G45's new papers, but saw a sneak peek and wasn't to sure yet.

  8. We have lots of the same favorites! But I am also like you and getting more particular about spending on new supplies. I must love them!

  9. I am loving that Crate collection too, as well as the new Amy Tan line. I am LOVING Lily Bee's sneaks so far. They are my fave. :) Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  10. i'm with you... i'm much pickier now, very fussy, but that's good because what i buy, i will really use.. unlike the early days where i buy and then decided i don't like it. LOL.

  11. Oh, I'm with you on the Crate love! Very cool new lines. I'm going to spend some time this afternoon looking on all the blogs to catch up on what is coming out. I am not a fan of everything Jenni Bowlin puts out but I do love her new honeycomb stickers. Lily Bee has some fun new collections and I'm also liking the new products from Simple Stories. I love divided page protectors so their new line looks interesting. :) Happy CHA!!!