Monday, January 30, 2012

Time Flies!!

I just have to wonder as the month of January 2012 is already coming to a close, where is time going?! Thinking about how much has changed for us in the last few years since Erin was born. Each passing year seems to go by quicker and quicker for all of us.
One year ago she was at gymnastics! Now she is taking dance.
Two years ago she was playing dress-up with a dress-up kit from her godmother. Now she has princess dresses!
Three years ago, playing with snow inside and some of my preschool classroom materials.
Although big brother was able to paint the snow with food coloring and eye droppers. :)
And four years ago in January, an almost seven month old baby!
Yesterday going to visit Evan's school so Erin could check out the Kindergarten classrooms, reminded me of this photo! She was less than a month old when big brother started Kindergarten. And now here we are getting ready for her to begin in a few months and Evan to enter fifth grade!

It seems as if it is all slipping through my fingers some days.
I wish it would slow down just a little.
But time doesn't slow for anyone, and I think I will just continue to take photos and look back and smile.
And I am so glad I scrapbook, because it has made me so much more aware of these moments and how precious they are.
No matter how small :)


  1. I was just thinking the same thing being that this week begins February. I really am glad that I can freeze time in my albums.

  2. i know what you mean. it seems to get faster and faster every year! that is why i love scrapbooking to preseverve all those memories!

  3. So glad I saw this link on facebook. I have missed your bloggety blog. Hope to come visit often now:) Our babies are getting big...sigh..

  4. MJ, those pictures are all so precious!!
    This brought tears to my eyes!! LOL!
    With Ellie just turning 7 in Dec. I have been going through the same thing.
    It does go by so fast and I wish they would go a little slower too!
    Thank goodness for camera's, video's and scrapbooking.
    Have a wonderful & blessed week!!

  5. Cute photos! I love looking through old scrapbooks to see how times have changed.

  6. I am so glad I scrapbook too. Even though time is going so fast, scrapbooking at least can preserve it.

  7. Very cute photos. I'm glad to be a scrapbooker too. It's fun to flip through the albums and reminisce.

  8. So funny you posted this today, Moke and I were just talking last night about how crazy it is that Abie will be a fifth grader and Landry a Kindergartner next fall! It has seemed to flown by much quicker since Landry was both, rather than when we just had Abie. Maybe it's just because I'm older :)

  9. My girls are in the mid thirties now...I loved every minute of being a Mom...a SAHM till they were in school, then a working Mom.

    I have lots of fond memories but wish I had recored them like you have here. There are so many that I just don't remember.

    I blog the sweet and hilarious things my grandkids say, just to preserve them for our family.

  10. Such adorable photo's! They are lucky to have you :)

  11. I love your post! Time does fly - I can't believe it either!! We just have to treasure each day and I know that's why so many of us scrapbook!

  12. Great photos! I to believe you need to enjoy the moment! Love Penny

  13. Great post and oh, so true! Love the succession of photos!

  14. I could not agree more. Hubby pointed out to me that next month is in fact tomorrow this morning! My plans for next month had better start becoming reality! I think having children definitely speeds the passage of time.

  15. What sweet children! Time does fly - my "baby" is 27 now!! - but scrapping sure helps hold on and treasure those memories.