Friday, March 2, 2012

Bummed but Bouncing Back!

Well, after my last post, I was looking forward to a month full of misting at Scrapgal.
Unfortunately, I received an email from the owner yesterday with the sad news that they are closing effective immediately :(
I will just miss the daily chatting with my friends over there.
I will miss the support and challenges.
I will miss the opportunity to start the new design team term with Cheryl, Martine, Lisa and Elizabeth.
And I will really miss working with Michelle and Rita. They have been such supportive teammates from the start!
I am so grateful to Jenn for giving me the chance to design for her store not once but for three terms!

In the mean time, I still plan on sharing my March design teams projects I had made for Scrapgal.
And some misting tips, tutorials and techniques.
Starting with this mini album that you saw in the peek on Monday :)

It's all about *Letting Go*
I was inspired by this poem/print by Alisa Holland that I saw on Pinterest...
It really spoke to me at a time I needed it most. 2011 was a year of learning to let go of a lot of things, and it was such a relief! You can see more of her work and her blog here. I find her so inspirational.
For my mini, I wanted to use quotes from her poem and journal what it meant to me.
This page talks a little about where I found my inspiration and why I wanted to make this album.
"To Let Go Doesn't Mean to Stop Caring. It Means I Can't Do it For Someone Else"
To Let Go is Not to Care for, But Care About. To Let Go is Not to Fix, But to Be Supportive."
To Let Go is Not to Cut Myself Off. It's the Realization That I Can't Control Another."
This was the hardest for me I think. I have dealt with people in my life who think nothing of using people to cause pain. And this was the so hard for me to understand. The need to have that much control, to be that bitter and angry that there was such an intense need to hurt. But with the help of good people in my life, I learned that there are just things that I myself can't control. And dwelling helps no one. Including myself :)
"To Let Go is Not to Judge. But to Allow Another to be a Human Being"
We are all human beings and deserve love, support, respect, kindness and understanding. Try as I may, I know I will never be perfect. But I know that judging others is the opposite of how I want to express myself.
I would rather express myself in a positive way.

So there you have it.
My first project for the month of March.
And it did involve a bit of misting on the front and inside cover :)
The cover went a whole different direction then originally planned. I had it covered in a piece of patterned paper and it just wasn't working. Thanks to a layout I had created, I decided to scraplift myself and use mist droplets on the white cardstock for the cover! Then some white mist droplets on the inside to balance it.

Come back next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my own version of "Mist Madness"!


  1. Lovely mini album! Sorry about the store closing. The one here is closing after 13 years in business. That is where I found the Stickles rack that now graces my room. So sad :(

  2. Just lovely! Sorry to hear about your store. We don't have a LSS, only an Archiver's. I always wish we had one.

  3. Sorry to hear about the closing, it's always sad to hear that another LSS is closing! Great mini though! Love Penny

  4. soirry to hear they are closing!

    this is a great mini--

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this.......things are just getting too tough out there. Love your mini. Chin up, a new door will open

  6. How perfect is this mini for such a time as this! Very pretty! Today I had no where to go and I am sad not talking to my friends everyday, I feel homeless! :(
    On the other hand, I am super thankful to SG where I met you :)

    1. Thanks, Rita!
      I am so glad I met you as well!!
      I just sent you an email :)

  7. Really neat little mini!

    I had that feeling of homelessness after my favorite online scrappy home closed. I still miss it regularly.

  8. I can totally sympathize with you as the same thing happened to me a year ago. The DT and ladies from the site have formed a group on Facebook and it's a nice way to stay in touch. Your mini album is beautiful and so timely. Hugs to you!

  9. Your album sis absolutely fabulous! I am so sorry to hear that Scrapgal is closing!

  10. Love the mini album, and so sorry about the site closing. It's so hard when you find a site you love.

  11. What a nice cover! I love the floral tag behind the ticket and then the title. Looks great.

  12. That is an awesome mini! So sorry to hear about the store closing-so sad.

  13. OH NO! Great mini, but I'm so sorry to hear about ScrapGal! That is just so sad :(

  14. So sorry to hear of the shutting down. :(
    Nonetheless - your mini album is gorgeous. I love the different uses of all the tags.

  15. Sorry to hear the news Mary Jo. Your mini is awesome!

  16. Love your mini! It's always a sad day to hear of yet another scrapbook store closing. :-(

  17. So sorry to hear about the store closing :(

    I love your book. I also love the message behind it. A lesson I learned at the age of 16 and through out my life.

  18. Very beautiful mini!!
    Love the misting and love that quote!!
    I have dealt with people like that many in my life and most so sad from my family.
    I will miss our daily chatting too!
    Really enjoyed getting to know you and so thankful we can stil keep in touch!!

  19. Beautiful mini-album! I love those quotes! I bummed too about the closing, and was looking forward to working with you all!

  20. Wow, what a bummer. Still loved looking at your projects!

  21. What a wonderful album, MJ! I was SO looking forward to working with you and all the others, too. I enjoyed getting to know you though and hope that our friendship continues. Hugs

  22. Your mini is wonderful and meaningful. It made me smile. Lots of wisdom in there!