Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's On Your Workspace Wednesday (WOYWW)

I've seen this done every Wednesday by some of my favorite blogger friends and decided to join in this week! :0) All the blogs are linked here.
Basically, I just finished making a card out of scraps. Mine is the one with the jar :)
While working on my card, Erin made her own card which you can see there on the left with the butterflies.
It's always fun to "scrapbook together" as she likes to call it!

I also have a bunch of miscellaneous tools that will get picked up tomorrow. My tombow glue adhesive is that blue capped bottle. Perfect for adhering hole punch size confetti to a project. If you look closely at the jar, you can see that I put some "confetti" in there so it wouldn't look so empty! Not my original idea, but one I borrowed it from Madeline over at 2p's. You can see her layout here. I need to add some more to mine so it is still a work in progress.

I also have two photos from the plane ride over to Ireland on a trip Mike and I took summer of 2009. Creating my mother-in-law's Ireland album has made me want to work some more on our trip. So I think those photos will be my next project :)

For the Family
I know my sister-in-law Kathi likes to read my blog for news about the kids and not just scrapbooking, so I am going to try and share a photo a post for her and any other family who are still reading :)
On a bike ride in the park Sunday, Erin kept stopping to pick "flowers" for me and her Mimi. I just love having a phone on my camera, because I am able to capture moments I probably wouldn't get a chance to otherwise. It really comes in handy!
She is getting so big!


  1. lots of creativity going on!! love it

  2. Love that Erin likes to create with you. Her card is adorable too! I've been noticing the confetti craze lately - love that you put it in the jar! :) Have a creative Wednesday!

  3. Fun! I love that you create together! What a great space.

  4. Welcome to WOYWW's!! It is addictive.

    Great cards! I like that Erin wanted to scrap with you. Enjoy it, because trust me, it ends all to soon.

  5. So cute that you scrap together!!!!

  6. Hello - fab pics, yes it's fun to craft together I agree. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 75

  7. Yah so happy you're joining in on WOYWW!!!! It's kind of addictive... I've always loved your workspace, such an awesome view you have :) are you always that clean when you create?

    Cute picture of Erin, Landry is always picking "flowers" too! (glad we're not the only parents who insist on helmets!!)

    1. (LOL) I swear my space has probably only looked that neat and organized a few times. Usually after a deep cleaning day! And that photo in my blog header was actually taken right after I had set it all up for the first time! :)

  8. Love the corner windows in your scrap space.

  9. How sweet of your daughter to stop and pick you flowers. I love your corner crafting area. I like the red drawered bin, very cool. I like your card and went to peek at your inspiration for it. That's such a neat idea. It is better than putting bugs in the jar! That's what I usually do (heard you caught a bug). If you check out Di's blog (she's on WOYWW) she does a weekly challenge dedicated to the use of snippets and scraps!

  10. Glad your joing the snoops, lol Lovely view from your desk, I'm envious of all that natural light you get! Erin is a flower picking sweet heart for sure! waving hi from my balcony in the hills of North Carolina :)

  11. Just a quick pop back by to say the dress pattern stamp with the two ladies on it came from a lady who bought a duplicate of it. Right after I got it from her I saw it in a big chain craft store-Joann's. It is by Hero Arts so that means it should be fairly easy to find since HA stamps tend to be out and about more. It is called Make Your Own and is also available in a cling stamp. Good luck!

  12. Awe....I miss the days when my little guy wanted to scrap with me. Now its all about video games. I think your space looks pretty clean too! Have a good one!

  13. I love your desk, or better yet, the beautiful windows you get to look out of while working :)
    I would be taking my camera on a walk and leave my phone at home. I couldn't take a photo with my phone no matter how many time my girls try and teach me, lol.

  14. Nice work space - I'd never achieve anything if I sat there, just stare out of the window all day long :)
    Hugs, LLJ #74 xx

  15. First of all, welcome to WOYWW - your Wednesdays will never be the same again.
    I love your workspace and the view, is it really in the trees or is that just because it looks out on the upper branches?

    Thanks for visiting me.

    Ann B

  16. Cute pic! How very sweet of her to collect flowers for her Mimi!

  17. Looks like a great and fun scrapping day!!
    Sweet and adorable picture of Erin!!
    IKWYM I use my phone many times when I need a quick picture too!

  18. So nice that you scrap together they all say it ends too soon. Well my dear daughter is 17 and still loves it and has her own desk in my office. I do use it sometimes as an overflow thing. LOL

    Happy crafting
    Eliza No. 181

  19. It is fun to see crafty projects and not just look at the mess on my desk all the time! Happy WOYWW!

  20. Welcome to WOYWW! What a fab outlook your working space has! Love that you and Erin scrapbook together, she won't cherish it for another 30 years, but in another 10, you'll be so happy that you did! The phones have revolutionised my scrapping - so much ordinary day to say stuff that deserves it!

  21. welcome to woyww,warning its very addictive,love your desk area and view and how nice your daughter crafts with you,my boys used to when they were little
    have a great week :)
    happy woyww

  22. Happy belated WOYWW. I love the pictures, especially the little notes explaining what everything is, excellent fun! What a fantastic view you have out of your window x
    Sophie no.183