Friday, March 30, 2012

* Sweet Girl *

This is the last project I created for ScrapGal. I had the Dear Lizzy Enchanted line to work with for March and it made me think of this photo. I do not typically scrap "professional portrait photos", but I had an extra one.

Journaling - As I look at this photo taken almost four years ago, I can't help but be amazed at how much you have grown. But some things haven't changed. And that is a good thing.

You still have that sweet smile that makes your eyes sparkle!
You still love your baby dolls.
You can be such a girl girl, but a tomboy at the same time. 
You aren't afraid to get rough and tumble if necessary, but love your twirly skirts and princess dress-up clothes.
You are so, so sweet to everyone.

One thing that has definitely changed is your hair! 
No longer short and straight, but so long and curly.
You are so lucky to have such beautiful hair.
And it's so funny that when you look at photos like this one from when you were younger, that you alwasy think you look like a boy because your hair is so short and straight.
You have literally told me, "Mom, I look like a boy."
I have to laugh when you say that.
One thing that will never change though, is how much I love you!

I wanted to share what I wrote here because just this weekend, she said it again!
Erin saw the layout sitting on my counter and said, "Mom, I look like a boy in that picture."
And she is starting to worry about what boys thing :-O
She loves to play with her best friend Sam, the little boy down the street.
They have literally grown up together.
And the other day we were all playing in the park. I was running around with Sam and Erin, while Mike played ball with Evan and Sam's sister Kate (those two are the same age and have grown up together, too!)

Well, Erin fell in some mud and became really quiet. She didn't want to go back over by Sam.
When I asked what was wrong, she said, "Mom, I don't want Sammy to see me like this. I look ridiculous!"
WHA????! Where in the world did that come from? And she is only 4 1/2!
But I told her, real friends won't care. Real friends accept you just the way you are :)
And so we went back over to Sam, and they kept playing for a little longer.

What can I say :) She is my sweet, sweet girl!

And for the Family :)
Another phone photo from yesterday at the park. Erin was picking dandelions which she calls "wishes" :)
It was so cute because she came over and gave me one. Then she made a wish and blew.
Her wish: For Sammy. Her friend from the story above. She wished that he could come over to play :)


  1. Lovely layout and such beautiful journaling. You'll both enjoy looking at this one for years to come.

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    So great that you could give her some great advice.

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    Love your amazing journaling!!
    What a pretty picture of her!
    IKWYM Ellie was using that same word when she was young but I knew she got it from me because I use that word.

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    Too funny about Erin at the park. We have a group of neighbor kids just like that that the girls have grown up with. I love it!

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