Friday, May 17, 2013

A Whole Lot of Mexico and a Little Bit of Scrapbooking!

Today I wanted to share the last of the Mexico pictures that I took with my point and shoot camera. You can see the other two posts here: Hualtuco, Mexico 2013 and Mexico Trip Part 3!

Mike took a ton of photos on his iphone that he is supposed to be sharing with me, but hasn't had time yet. So I know we have more, but I will spare you all of those ;) :)

So here we have: Mexico, the Final Installment.
This is the area outside of our hotel room section.
Funny story. One night while waiting for Mike and Evan to finish up at the beach, get dressed and then come back down to meet Erin and I for dinner, we realized the resort was having a movie night. How exciting! And Toy Story 3 to book in English with Spanish subtitles. I quickly ran to tell Mike that is where we would be. By the time we got back, someone had switched the language to Spanish with English subtitles. Oy! What a challenge to read the subtitles to Erin so quickly. After the first ten minutes I was doing a shorthand version. But still fun!
There was a "show" every night in this little theater/auditorium around 9pm. Usually a musical show.
On this particular evening, it was "Casino Night". And in the background on the screen, U2 playing at Slane Castle. Of course we had to stop and watch for a bit :)

Another evening we went back downtown to a little pizza place that is supposed to be super popular. La Crema Bar.
Pretty cool menu.

And a little gated door that took you up to it's location on the second floor. It was supposed to open at 7pm but I guess they believe in soft openings. The door to the restaurant didn't open until 7:30 and by then there was quite a line!
But it was a cool environment to say the least. Lots of mismatched tables and seats. Even some couches!

Lots of unusual lighting and things to look at.
By this time, the kids were completely worn out. Erin looks like she is about to fall asleep there. And even though it was a warm evening and the restaurant was all open up there on the second floor, we didn't feel hot at all.
And then we had to go get ice cream of course :)
The other great thing about the trip...Evan made a really good friend. They played together a lot! Even including Erin in some of their adventures. Our families don't live close, but we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers to stay in touch. The boys have already talked three times on Facetime since we have been back! :) They really had a great time together.
And we had a great time on our trip!

And now for a little bit of scrapbooking!
The deadline for Paper Issues "Hope Chest" issue with Pink Paislee is tomorrow May, 18th. So simple to win a prize pack courtesy of Pink Paislee. The details are all on *This Post* here. And if you have any layouts or projects featuring Pink Paislee or a Mother's Day theme, you might want to link them up for a chance to be featured on the blog!

Also, for all you washi tape fans out there,  Crafting Ireland Magazine has a blog post up *Here*
called "Ways to Washi" with some fun projects using washi tape including my Easter Egg Decor project I made. :)
So make sure you check it out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Nice trip pics! La Crema Bar looks like a fun place to eat!

  2. How fun!!! Loving the pics! And isn't there that one part in TS3 that they had to set Buzz's settings back to original and he started speaking Spanish??? Or was that #2??? Anyhoo... that would have have been funny because of the subtitles you had going on!! LOL!!

  3. Great photos Mary Jo!! Can't wait to see them on some layouts!!

  4. What wonderful pictures, Mary Jo!! It looks like it was an awesome trip and I know you made memories that you and Mike and the kids will never forget!!

  5. More great photos :) I love the one of Erin, reminds me of Landry. They can be real troopers. That's so cool Evan made a friend. At their age they can get really bored. Love that they've kept in touch too!

  6. This has sounded like such a great trip since you first posted about it. Relaxing time with the people you love...what more could you ask for!

    Great photos too!

  7. Love all of your pictures and hearing all about it!!
    You can tell with everything you shared you all had an amazing time!!
    You will have a lot of fun pictures to scrap!

  8. This looks like such a wonderful place to visit, Mary Jo. I love "being there" through your photos. :)

  9. Loved the photos. Always makes you feel like you are there. Looks like a great place too. One we need to add to out places to go.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. These pictures are great. I especially love the movie screen outside! That is very cool.

    AJ does that to me all the time with iphone pics! I know I have more Project Life pictures on his phone that I don't actually have!