Friday, May 10, 2013

My Paper Issues Design Team Intro Post...

is up on their blog this morning. You can read it *Here!*
I am super excited to share it with you and hope you will come check it out. :)

All of the design team members are doing little intro posts sharing layouts and five random facts or issues.
Reading the ones posted so far has been fun. But Shannon Morgan's post here made me think of a funny story from my college days that I want to share. Or at least get written down somewhere before I forget. It's one of those, "if I could go back, I would have done things differently," stories. But not in a bad way.

In Shannon's post, she mentions her obsession with Bill Murray.
I have a similar kind of obsession and love for this actor...

(none of these photos were taken by me)

Yes, Tom Hanks!
It started in 1992 when my family and I (plus boyfriends) took a trip to Washington D.C. for my dad's business meeting and then decided to head up to NYC for a bit. At the last minute, we got tickets to The Goodbye Girl on Broadway starring Bernadette Peters and Martin Short. Very funny! But I digress. It turns out that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were attending.

They have been married since 1988. You have to love that kind of longevity in Hollywood!
Anyway, we were all standing in the lobby and lo and behold we look over and they are standing there. Oh my goodness, the conflict of not wanting to be one of those annoying fans but secretly really wanting a photo and autograph. To my neverending regret, we decided to leave them alone and just gape from afar.
At this point, my boyfriend at the time, sister's boyfriend and my brother had gone to the rest room. Tom Hanks headed that way. The next part is too funny for words and a story that only my brother could tell with such drama and wit.
My boyfriend's zipper had gotten stuck on his pants, and my sister's boyfriend was in the stall trying to help him. My brother Pete was standing by the sinks waiting for them to finish. Tom Hanks comes out of a stall and is at the sink washing his hands when my brother says, "I can't get it up." Meaning the zipper of course. Pete said it was like a classic scene in a movie. Tom Hanks froze, looked up and did a double take. Then laughed.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that bathroom. I would have loved to see it!
But of course I missed that whole scene.
When Tom returned to the lobby, he visited a little bit with a group of teenagers one of whom was in a wheelchair. Joking with them and just being a totally cool guy. The minute he walked away they were all screaming and rushing to the pay phone (this was only 1992 remember) and talking excitedly about their experience to someone on the other end of the line.

Even since that day, he has been 100% my favorite actor and always will be. :)
Although I still wish I had the photo and autograph ;)

Love you, Tom!


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeee Tom too!! He is amazing!!

  2. Another Tom Hanks fan here, although I've never had a close encounter with him. LOL! :)

  3. totally love it- great story-- i love tom hanks too!

  4. Hahaha...what a great story! Too funny!

  5. What a lovely funny story Mary Jo (not the bit about no photo or autograph...). Hugs, Anne x

  6. Sorry I have been MIA not blogging much this week! I left you some love over at PI but the Lo did not show blog problems?
    Your story is hilarious! What a fun time! I have met several celebrities for when I lived in CA. I used to work at a book store that had them introducing their books and I went to a celebrity baseball game and meet several there it was fun. I did not get any autographs I did not ask for any. Love Tom Hanks too one of my few favorite actors!

  7. I can't remember whether I've said it already, so I'll say it again now--congrats on joining the Paper Issues team!!!

    Your story about Tom Hanks made me LOL. :) And like you mentioned, I also admire the fact that he and Rita Wilson have been married so long. The only other Hollywood couples with long-lasting marriages that I can think of are Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick and Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy (RIP). Not too many seem to be able to make their marriages last, but I admire those who do!

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  9. WhatA great story! Off to check out your post!

  10. Congrats on getting on to the paper issues team! I love Tom. Btw his son Colin.... HUGE kings can. So is Tom. :). And I will personally be attending tonight's game to make sure we wrap this up. ;)

  11. That's a wonderful story. Made me smile! Saw your post on PI. Love your layouts. Congrats on the team. It's a great one. I loved being on that team.

  12. I love Tom Hanks! I'm going to check out your intro. Congrats on the DT position!

  13. Great story Mary Jo!! I had a similar experience with my obsession with Gavin Rossdale from Bush. I met him at a concert in Pensacola and got to hang out with him and the other band members. Didn't have my camera and this happened in 1991, before I had a cool phone with a no photos for me either!! :( Just autographs.

  14. I so get your not wanting to be "one" of those fans. That would be a dilemma :)
    Funny story about the bathroom scene, lol.

  15. Great blog post! How fun to read your story about Tom Hanks! Their marriage is commendable in Hollywood, that's for sure!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  16. He is such a great actotr and I like that he never is in the news with negative publicity...he just seems content with his family, his life and his achievements...

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  18. Congrats again on PI! So excited for you.

    I would be the same way. I don't want to be a bother. But oh how you want a photo and autograph. Such a fun story and yes have to scrap!

    Happy Mother's Day and hope you have a great weekend!