Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a Peek!

I am participating in my first "issue" on the Paper Issues Blog this Sunday, and am finding I am a little nervous about it :)
Here are two peeks at one of my projects. The one that will be featured on the blog hop!
For all of you scrapbookers, can you guess what line I was given to work with? :)
I have a few other projects I made and will share those over the next week or so.

Now like I said previously, I am finding May is high on the busy scale. Right up there with the month of December. Between finishing school and Evan celebrating his birthday yesterday,  (my boy is now 11 and I just can't believe it!) I had two field trips to go on last week.
Erin's kindergarten class went to a park for an all day excursion. And the only photos I have from that day are still on my phone. Forgot to bring a camera.

But Evan's field trip to our state capital is another story. I did bring my Canon point and shoot camera for that trip. After a two hour bus ride, we arrived at Jefferson City. I have driven through before but never visited the capital.

It's actually quite lovely outside...
as well as inside.
And I really love the lounge with the mural by Thomas Hart Benton.

It's such an amazing representation of Missouri history. The good and the bad :) You can read a little more about him and the story behind the mural *Here!* I really found it fascinating. And for Evan, who loves art and architecture, this trip was fascinating for him as well.
There was also gorgeous stained glass!

Then we went up to visit the Governor's mansion and gardens. And what I love most about Evan's social studies teacher is that she really puts things into perspective for the students. While everyone was voicing their opinion that "it must be nice" to live in a house like that, she reminded them what a huge job and responsibility our governor had. But in a respectful and thoughtful way that caught their attention.
The view from his gardens :)
It was just a really great field trip in all and I personally felt like I learned a lot! I've felt that way on several of their field trips this year. :)
Really glad I could go on this one!

Hope you have a great weekend! I will be back next week sharing my Paper Issues project :)


  1. Looks like you did a wonderful job with the PI assignment, Mary Jo. Can't wait for the full reveal!

  2. Loving the sneaks and Happy Birthday to your boy!!! Loving the field trip photos!! Looks so fun!!!

  3. oh your layout looks awesome - can't wait to see the entire layout

    looks like an awesome field trip

  4. I love that popped up fruit, can't wait to see more! I love the Jeff City field trip!!! Last year we went with Abie's class and I felt like it was just yesterday that I went with my own school :)

  5. Your should not be nervous at all Mary Jo, even though I am not a scrapper I think your layouts are fabulous - so don't worry, just enjoy! Your pics are amazing and I just adore that stained glass window - wow. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Love the dimension on your page! And what a beautiful capital building. Love the mural and ornate cupola!

  7. Fun peek! Love that fruity paper. :) Looks like a fun field trip! How fun that you got to go too.

  8. Awesome sneak Mary Jo!! I can't wait to see the full reveal!

  9. Loving the sneak peak. The pop doted fruit looks great. On a side note the field trip you went on with your kid looks like it was fun.

  10. Great sneaks! I'm sure you will do fine! :) And the photos are fabulous!

  11. Oh, you will do just great, I know it! The sneaks look awesome...

    The field trips sound busy but great...those pictures are awesome!!

  12. Loved the sneak peek and looking forward to reading the whole article!

  13. That sneak peek is awesome! I really love those popped up fruits :) I can't wait to see the whole thing!

    Happy Birthday to Evan!

    Your pictures from the field trip sound great. His teacher sounds great - I love coming away from a field trip really feeling like the kids learned something!

  14. Love the peek! So cute! Great photos!!! :D

  15. The sneak peek is great and I love the popped up fruit!

    Happy birthday to Evan...why are our boys growing up sooooo fast?!?!

    The capitol is beautiful and you got some great shots!

  16. Love the peeks at your projects! May is a very busy month around here, too. Looks like a fantastic field trip, I love that sort. Really looking forward to a slower-paced summer routine.

  17. OOH! OOH!! *waving hand around* I know! I know!! I can spot Doodlebug a mile away!! Love it!! Can't wait to see the whole layout!!!

  18. Love the sneak! What a fun trip! Glad Evan and you enjoyed the trip! Very beautiful state capital! I love visiting the historical sights too!

  19. Looks like a fun and interesting field trip!