Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crafting Ireland Magazine Issue 17 and Healthy Living Goal for May

You can read the newest issue for free *Here*.

My contribution to the magazine this month is a little Instagram mini titled...
The cover...
And just to give you and idea of the basic formula the album follows.
You can see the rest of the album and a little tutorial on page 19 in the magazine. Plus there are tons of other great projects such as Timi's Lucky Star album. :)

I will also have one of my other assignments featured on their blog soon. I will be sure to let you know when.

Ok, it is May 1st and time for another "Healthy Living Goal".
1.) I am eating little to no fast food. Have had it only two times in over four months!
2.) Am exercising at least five days per week.
3.) Gave up Dr. Pepper for the month of March and had my first this past Sunday at a birthday dinner celebration. So almost two months without Dr. P. And let me tell you, it didn't taste that great. I let myself have it as a treat, and it really wasn't. Plus, made the mistake of having it at dinner time and then was awake until 1:30 pm messing up my sleep goal :)
4.) Trying to be in bed before midnight most nights. Doing ok until this past week. Haven't been asleep earlier than 12:30 any of the nights. Not good! So definitely going to bed early tonight.

Now for May...
Going to Unplug from Screens More!
Yep. With summer coming, computer time will be limited anyway.
So I am going to limit my computer time in a big way.
No computer after 9:30 pm (unless design team related) or before 8am.
And limiting my time severely when the kids are here unless we are working on a project together. Or they are engaged in their own projects and I have a little free time to work on photo editing. But I am going to set a timer!
Just really going to let go of the need to check email, facebook, etc... more than once or twice a day.
It has to be done!

And it's not going to be easy. But I have faith in myself :)
Wish me luck!


  1. oh my golly my son is in LOVE with minecraft- he just got into the youtube videos. LOL!!

    cute project

  2. Such a great mini, Mary Jo. I love the idea of documenting what's going on around the house. I have to work on unplugging too. The computer is connected to so much of what I do these days that's it hard to get off of it.

  3. Loving your mini!!! And loving your goals for this month!!

  4. Fun mini love it!
    I have set some of those goals for me too!
    Love that you made a mini for things around the house! fun idea!!

  5. Love your mini album! Congrats on being published!

  6. What an adorable Instagram mini! You are doing awesome on your healthy living goals! Unplugging from screen time is a hard one, but a good one! Good luck! This is the perfect time of year for it!

  7. Adorable album! And kudo's to you for getting healthy, this is something I need to do myself!

  8. Great mini, good luck with your new goals :)

  9. Love that mini Mary Jo and congrats on the pub!

  10. I love your mini, it is so fun and I like the idea of this project :)
    You are rockin' your goals!!!!
    I can't say the same with mine though :(

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  12. I just adore this mini, so pretty and congratulations on being published.

  13. Oh I love the mini album!! And yay for you!! Wishing you lots if luck with screen time. I may have to join you on this journey.

  14. Good for you! Since I am working now, my computer time had gotten really limited and its totally fine. I miss a few things - like checking blogs more regularly and responding to email right away, but it's all good! Good luck with it! :)

  15. Beautiful mini and good luck with the goals - I need to spend less time on the computer too...I do limiting by making I do boring jobs before I go on it :D

  16. what an adorable mini! And way to go on your goals!!!

  17. I'm loving the mini!

    Your screen time goal is awesome! I really need to do that too this summer. Unfortunately, I can't limit screen time at work, as I'm required to be on our instant messenger from the time I walk in until I leave. Of course, the few times I've minimized it - there's been an emergency (like a tornado!) and I didn't know about it!