Monday, November 4, 2013


Despite the rain that poured down off and on that day, we had a fun Halloween.
Evan was so bummed because it is his favorite holiday.
But there were several breaks in the rain. And having a friend over to hang out with him helped!
All of the photos I had are from my iphone camera. Unfortunately, pretty much all of them are blurry because of the rain and bad lighting. But at least I got a few shots that tell the story.
I just didn't want to drag my big DSLR out in the rain.

No, this isn't a decoration on our lawn. Well, not a real decoration. Evan doesn't like to trick or treat anymore. He likes to stay home and try to scare people who come up to the house. This year he totally scared a group of girls from his school. It was pretty funny. :)
Here is a photo of Erin and her BFF Sam. His mom and I took them trick or treating while the dads stayed home to pass out candy. Erin is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz pre ruby slippers. I just couldn't find any to fit her anywhere! But thankfully she did not care one little bit. :) She just wanted the little Toto in a basket. I thought Sam made a pretty convincing little vampire.
Especially when he said, "watch this!"...
Watch out, Erin! :)
and two of our jack o lanterns.
Really the only trick or treating we did was our block and the block right behind us. It's a small one block private street. That was more than enough for us. The kids bags were pretty full just going to those houses.
Back at home we had so many trick or treaters we ran out of candy! And we had well over 300 pieces. Next year I need to buy more. A lot more.

So all in all it was a good Halloween. And I was so glad Mike could me in town this year. Made it so much better!

I will say that on Friday though, I had a bit of a health scare.
I started having abdominal pain on my right side at bedtime Halloween night.
I have dealt with IBS since high school, so didn't think to much of it.
But then after waking several times with the nagging dull spasmic pains (not sharp ones), I worried a little bit. It just felt different.

The next day it just wouldn't go away, so I called my doctor.
They fit me in and I headed over.
She was worried about my appendix so sent me to have a cat scan.
Not having one before I was extremely nervous.
It was not terrible, but it wasn't a picnic either.
A vein blew out where they had put a catheter in my arm. So they had to repeat that whole process.
And the big glass of barium they require you to drink was super disgusting.
But as I lay there while they took the x rays, I just repeated to myself "with God all things are possible." And it gave me courage to make it through.
Thankfully, the scan was clear except for a few minor issues that were nothing to worry about.
My appendix was fine, and the cause of pain was diagnosed as a virus.
Seriously, a lot to go through to be diagnosed with a virus.
But better safe than sorry, right?

And here I am today, so grateful that it all turned out ok in the end.
An older layout, but one that sums up that feeling perfectly!
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Love love love the Halloween photos!!!! Loving that he scared the girls! LOL!! That is FUNNY!!! And sorry about your scare ... but glad they figured it out!!! I had something similar a couple of years ago ... and come to find out it was my gall bladder ... and the sad part is ... I have had NOTHING but problems since they took it out! LOL!!!

  2. awesome photos!! glad you all hade fun on halloween!
    glad you are feeling better

  3. Glad everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Sorry to hear about your health scare, definitely best to be safe than sorry!

  4. Sounds like you had a great Halloween, despite the weather and the kiddos looked so cute! So glad that your pains were nothing serious...I have been through the appendix thing and it is no fun at all!!!!!

  5. So glad your test is over and the results are good but yeah, a lot to go through to be diagnosed with a virus.

  6. That is so scary! I'm glad that everything worked out okay in the end!

    It sounds like you had a fun Halloween! That is fun that Evan scares people who come up. You know, because I'm safe on this side of the computer and he isn't scaring me!

    Erin and her BFF look great in their costumes!

    We had rain too, and we live in an apartment, so no trick or treaters for us! But I'm glad you got to trick or treat, even in the rain!

  7. I love the Halloween pics, looks like so much fun! Glad you are OK! :)

  8. Erin looks so cute. Little Miss C wore that same costume.!.The glitter shoes didn ot fit either so we bought red velvet dress shoes for church and Christmas festivities..
    You were smart...I did not think about hair the time i braided her hair for the school dress up, it was time to go! Her ahir is so fine, it took forever...that and half a bottle of hair spray!

    Hope you are feelingbetterthat sounds fairly scary...and I always hate drinking that horrid barium stuff!

  9. So glad everything is well for you and that it wasnt more serious.
    Evan does look scary how funny he scared a few.
    Love Erin costume so fun and so adorable!
    Love your LO!
    Hope your feeling better! :)

  10. Love the kids Halloween costumes, Mary Jo! And so sorry to hear about having to go through all of that, but very glad to hear that everything turned out okay!!

  11. The Halloween pictures are awesome. Evan would scare me! Erin looks adorable!

    Girl, so sorry. I was praying for you. Glad it is just a virus but to go through all of that. I hope you are feeling better and no more pain!

  12. Oh my that is a scare..I have ulcerative colitis, so whenever I am sick, I blame my disease.
    I love that Evan scares the older trick or treaters and love his display.
    Erin looks so cute as Dorothy and her vampire friend is adorable.

  13. So glad you are okay, MJ. I love the older layout :)

  14. So glad you were okay! How scary. Love the pictures of the kids and glad Mike was home too :)

  15. Oh my, I'm glad you are okay! That was a lot to go through to find out, at least it's behind you now. Fun photos! We had a rainy, drizzly Halloween here, too.

  16. Sorry you were feeling poorly and had to go through the tests but it's better to be safe and know what's going on. Looks like the kids enjoyed halloween. Love the fun costumes. :)

  17. Sorry your Halloween was rainy ~ that's such a bummer for the kids. Evan is SO scary LOL.

    I'm SO happy that your health scare turned out well. Sorry you had to go through those tests. :(

    Take it easy!!

  18. I am glad, the health scare was nothing serious... I totally hate barium, had to drink it a few times with my ulcers bout in Grad years... Love Evan's constume/idea, I think I wanna try that next year :-)

  19. Love your layout! Awesome journalling!

  20. Sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad it endd up being nothing stood serious.

    Wow, your family really gets into Halloween! Looks like you guys had a great time, despite the rain.

    This was the first year that my son didn't want to go trick-or-treating. He said that he wanted to help hand out turns out that, to him, howling like a wolf every time the doorbell rang = helping hand out candy. :) He also had a party the weekend before Halloween, and he attended a Halloween/fall carnival at his cousins' school, so he had plenty of seasonal fun.

    Now it's time to start planning for Thanksgiving... :)

  21. Gee, my typing is bad tonight. That first sentence *should* say: Sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad it ended up being nothing too serious.