Friday, November 15, 2013

Crafting Ireland Final Issue

The final issue has been released. You can see it *Here*
The framed Christmas Tree piece on the cover is my creation.
Here is a slightly bigger photo...

I have a little tutorial to go along with it on page 28 in the magazine. I know I already mentioned here that the magazine will no longer be published, but they will still continue to have lots of tutorials and inspiration on the Blog and their Facebook Page.

And as a little goodbye to the magazine, there is a Design Team recap post on the blog. Each team member picked three of our favorite projects to be featured from our time with the magazine. You can see the post *Here*. I am at the top. :)

After a lot of debating, I have made the very difficult decision to step down from the Design Team at Crafting Ireland. I truly loved being on the team. Timi and Nicole have been nothing short of fabulous to me, but I am trying to simply things. I think I just need a break from some of the deadlines and tutorial work. And as nice as they are, they left the door open for me to return if I decide I have more time in the future. I may just take them up on that one of these days. :) But for now, I am a little more focused on family and my healthy living goals.
I am still on the Paper Issues and Craft Your Nest teams because they are simpler commitments. So there will still be plenty of scrapbooking going on here!

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great weekend!


  1. Loving that tree you created for the issue!! Totally pinning that :)

  2. Your work is beautiful and I am sure that the Crafting Ireland team is sad to see you go, but how wonderful that you have an open invitation to return in the future! I totally understand about other things being a have to do what your heart is telling you!

  3. So cute and I'll be checking out the favorites as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Very cute, glad you are feeling better! I am catching up on blogs and saw your past from a week or so ago. Yikes!
    Totally understand about simplifying-I am right there with you!

  5. Such a fun and festive piece of decor, Mary Jo! I hear you on the simplifying. I'm pretty much paring down too so I can scrap more for myself vs. scrapping for deadlines.

  6. What a cute, fun picture. Looks great in your frame.

    I understand your decision. Since my back surgery, i have been struggling to re establish my old routine...or any routine that accomplishes what ùi did before!
    Have not succeeded and know it is because I have to pare down too.

  7. Great project, and I love the three you chose to feature in their blog post! I get your reasons to step down. There are just so many hours in the day, and sometimes you just have to reset your priorities.

  8. Super cute framed Christmas tree project!
    Love your tree!!
    IKWYM! I stepped down from one too and my last day will be dec. 31 so I also could focus on more family activities and health I need to exercise more!

  9. It is always such a shame when something wonderful comes to an end and although I am not a scrapper I have loved looking through the magazine for ideas. I am sure your DT friends will miss you but sometimes we just need to follow our head and not just our heart. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs, Anne x

  10. Congrats on your project making the cover, Mary Jo! Such a fun idea, and I love how you used the circles to create the Christmas tree!

  11. Your project is lovely.
    And how exciting to be on the cover of this issue.
    Sad it is the last one though :(
    Totally understand about taking a break though

  12. What an awesome project! A great one for the final issue :) Sometimes we all need a break. Kudos to you for knowing when to say it was time.

  13. I can understand simplifying. Good for you. And congrats on the cover. This is genius and awesome!

  14. The tree is beautiful!

    Simplifying is so needed sometimes! That is so nice that they were so sweet about it!

    Going to check out your projects now :)

  15. This is perfect holiday art- simple yet stunning! Congrats on the cover!