Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grateful For You

So that was a little bit of an unexpected blog break. :)
I am definitely grateful to be feeling a lot better!
Been super busy, but I am here to share the new issue that went up on the Paper Issues blog yesterday.

"Grateful For You"
And the prize...
a gift certificate to the Paper Issues shop!

I have also been participating in #30gratefuldays on Instagram through Paper Issues this month. Ten days = ten photos so far.
Here are a few of my photos that I have shared on there...

Day 1 - (Nov.1) As I drove myself to the doctor's office to get that stomach pain all figured out, I realized how lucky I am to have a car to get myself and my family places. And it's a car I enjoy driving, so that is a plus!
Day 2 - I am so grateful that Erin loves to read! She likes to pick the selection of children's books I have collected through my years of teaching. It's almost like going to a little library in there. 

Day 3 - grateful for Erin having the chance to play soccer on a fun team with great, positive coaches. She is so proud of her first trophy.

Day 4 - I am grateful for having access to so many great libraries with tons of books! This one is a favorite of mine. Enjoying some quiet time here before school pick up. 
Day 5 - Happy birthday to my wonderful mom. I am so grateful for her. And Evan and Erin love her so much. She makes everything fun!
Day 8 - Grateful for my husband Mike who loves his job and works hard at it. He took us on a tour of his current job site yesterday and we learned a lot from him on the tour!

These are just a few of my photos so far. Pretty excited that I am actually keeping up! And I am thinking they will make a nice little mini album when all is said and done.

Are you participating in any of the thirty days challenges?
I know my blog friend Tracy is because I have seen a few of her photos on Instagram already. :)

And don't forget if you have any projects with a "Grateful" theme, be sure to link them up for a chance to win the Paper Issues Gift card. You also have a good chance of being featured on their Instagram page, Facebook page or blog. I know I always look for familiar names first on my blog post days!

Happy Monday! And hopefully I will be back sooner this time to post. :)


  1. Loving your grateful photos! And glad you are feeling better!! xoxo

  2. So glad you are feeling better! I've been seeing your photos on Instagram and have linked up a couple of my projects at Paper Issues to share what I've been doing. :)

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better Mary Jo!! Love your instagram photos...can't wait to see what you end up doing with them! :) Evie

  4. Loving the instagram photos! I am really enjoying all of the thankful/grateful challenges on Instagram this year. It always adds an extra bit of positiveness (is that a word?) to my day!

  5. I enjoy seeing your grateful photos, Mary Jo!

  6. What great pictures! I love the last one of Mike and the kids :) I think this will be a fab mini album. We're not doing pictures, we're doing the envelopes on the wall at the house, which will be a mini book too!! What's you IG name? I can't believe I'm not following you over there!

    1. I am maryjo1997. It is a private account, but I will approve you :)

  7. I've loved seeing your pictures on FB. We have so much to be grateful for!!

  8. Lots of wonderful things to be grateful for :)

  9. Love this theme. Thanks for sharing the photos too. I am always reminded of this several days into November. One year, I'm going to prepare myself and participate the full 30 days! :)

  10. Love your photos and I am glad you're feeling better!

  11. Those are all wonderful things to be grateful for Mary Jo :)
    I forgot to put yesterday's up on IG…guess I better get on that ;)

  12. So glad you're feeling better. I am not in on the Instagram things, but it looks like a wonderful idea!

  13. T so have enjoyed you and Tracey's 30 days of gratitude.
    These pictures you have posted today make me smile...such nice happy family times.

  14. Wonderful photos of your days! Great job keeping up with it!