Monday, November 18, 2013

Teaming Up with Creative Scrappers!

Paper Issues is teaming up with Creative Scrappers for CS Sketch #256.
And it is a fun one!
This is the sketch we were given...
and this is my interpretation of the sketch. I loved the hexagon shape. But since I wanted to use more than one photo, I decided to create two smaller hexagons. I made a pattern by tracing the hexagon on the actual sketch I had printed up, and then cutting it out! Old school I know, but it worked. :)
My layout is scheduled to be featured on the Creative Scrappers blog this Friday, but I wanted to share it here with my blog friends first. But you definitely want to check the CS blog out every day this week to see how all of the Paper Issues design team members used the sketch. So many great ideas, and every page looks so different!

Since Paper Issues is sponsoring as well, of course there is a great giveaway!

Yep! A $30 gc to the store. So make sure to check out This Post  over at the CS blog, and link up your project based on the sketch for a chance to win! :)

Changing things up a bit.
Some pretty bad storms blew through the midwest yesterday.
Thankfully, we only had some bad winds that took down a lot of trees by us.

This is one of the trees in the park across the street from us. Thankfully no where near our car, unlike that last big storm a year ago in October.
There were two big trees down in this spot.
I didn't realize how bad Illinois had been hit until I saw some of the news feeds here on the internet. Apparently Washington, Illinois was hit by a tornado that just leveled areas. :(

It's funny. I have grown up in the Midwest. Lived here all of my life.
And yes, we have always known that tornadoes are a possibility.
But I was never truly afraid of one. The past several years though, they feel like a real threat and we take the sirens pretty seriously here now.
Especially after what happened down in Joplin, Missouri in 2011.

I will definitely be keeping all those affected by the storms last night in my prayers.


  1. Lovely layout, it has such a delicate feel to it! Glad to hear you didn't suffer any damage from the storms, definitely been thinking of those impacted!

  2. WOW! I love your interpretation of the sketch! turned out beautifully :)

  3. Gorgeous page Mary Jo! Love how you did it!

  4. I absolutely love your interpretation of the sketch and thank you for sharing before publication. I do hope you keep safe from any further storms that may hit your area. Hugs, Anne x

  5. It seems so late in the year for tornadoes. How weird. Glad your family is okay, but sorry to hear about all the downed trees in your area.

    That is an original and very cool sketch, and I love your interpretation of it!

  6. I couldn't believe it when I heard about the storms! So crazy and I'm glad you were all okay and your car too!!

    What a cool sketch and I love your take on it!

  7. Love your take on the sketch, Mary Jo! So glad you guys weathered the storm safely.

  8. So glad you are all ok! I love love love your page!! LOVING the pies!!!!!

  9. Oh, I love your page! The hexagon pie chart combo is awesome! :) And boy do I feel you on the tornadoes. They were a constant threat in Tennessee. Even times of the year when we weren't supposed to get them, the sirens would go off. They are so scary and destructive. My heart and prayers go out to all affected. Stay safe where you are!

  10. SO glad you are safe!!!

    LOVE that sketch and what you created with it!!

  11. Beautiful layout…great take on the sketch :)
    That is a huge tree, wow.

  12. LOVE your interpretation of the turned out so pretty! Those storms looked just crazy and it seems like an odd time for tornadoes no matter where they are.

  13. Wow, that tree photo is amazing! Glad you are safe. We lost power for most of Sunday, but that was about it. Those were pretty bad storms. Love your take on the sketch, what a unique way to mat your photos!

  14. Beautiful layout, I love your take on the sketch!

    I'm glad you guys were safe in the storms. When I lived in the mid west, I would freak out at the mere mention of tornadoes, because I had never had to worry about one before (being on the east coast) and I had no idea what to do if one hit. But they seem to be scarier and scarier lately.

  15. So glad to hear that you and your family are OK. We saw the devastation on the news and it was so terrible to see!

    The tree photo is really something!

  16. Great use of the sketch! Tornadoes have always scared me, even more than hurricanes. Hurricanes give you advance notice. Tornadoes do not. Stay safe!

  17. firstly, glad you are okay with these crazy weather conditions!

    secondly, thank you so much for participating in our sketch challenge ;-) you did a great job!