Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lists With Friends: The Cake List

No not that kind of cake!
These cakes
The Saint Louis 250 Birthday Cakes. We found a new one down at the City Garden last week with cousins. :)
Today for my list I compiled a plan for the cakes we want to try and visit still. I know we won't make all 250, but we definitely want to get photos with more than eight!

I researched the locations from a handy website that lists where each cake is at which you can find here Cake Locations  and put them into categories.

1. Downtown:
The Arch
America's Center
Old Cathedral
Busch Stadium
Campbell House
Christ Church Cathedral
City Museum
Drury Plaza at the Arch
Eads Bridge
Edward Jones Dome
Emmis Communication
Eugene Field Museum
Heritage House
Jefferson Bank and Trust
Kiener Plaza
Laclede's Landing
Lammert Building
Old Courthouse
Old Post Office
Peabody Opera House
Scott Joplin House
City Hall
St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Central Library
The Wainright Building
Union Station

That is a lot of cakes we could knock out in one day just by going downtown. And that doesn't include the City Garden and Scottrade cakes we have already visited!

2. Close to Downtown
Ameren UE 
Harris Stowe State College
Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion (where Evan could learn more about STL's french heritage for his social studies summer project)
Lemp Mansion 
Cherokee Street

3. Soulard and Benton Park
Trinity Lutheran Church
Sweet Divine
Luvy Duvy's

4. Quick Drives
Bevo Mill
Carondolet Historical Society
Carondolet Park
Water Tower on Grand
Feasting Fox
Jay International Grocery Store
Imo's Pizza
Shakespeare Festival
Fox Theater
Powell Hall
The Sheldon
Cheshire Inn
Shaw Park

5. The Loop and Central West End
Blueberry Hill 
Moonrise Hotel
Ruth Porter Park
St. Louis Walk of Fame
The Tivoli
U City Lions Gates
Vintage Vinyl
New Cathedral
Central Institute for the Deaf
Gaslight Square and Theater
Regional Arts Commision
Children's Hospital

6. Forest Park
The Planetarium and Science Center
The Jewel Box
Forest Park Visitor Centere
The Grand Basin
Art Museum
Steinberg Skating Rink
The Muny
Turtle Park (across the highway)

7. Fun With Friends That Doesn't Fit Other Categories
Endangered Wolf Center
Shaw Nature Reserve
Purina Farms
The Butterfly House
Crown Candy Kitchen
Grant's Farm
Laumeier Sculpture Park
Museum of Transportation
The Magic House
World Bird Sanctuary
Kirkwood Train Station
Frank Lloyd Wright House
Six Flags

Cakes We Have Seen
Pre-Summer - Tower Grove Park, Operation Brightside, The Hill, Rigazzi's Restaurant
Summer - City Garden, Lafayette Park, Botanical Gardens, The St. Louis Zoo, Scottrade Center, and Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

So we have a long way to go obviously and are still missing quite a few from the list. And I know that we will probably not make it to every cake on our personal list. But I think having it broken down into locations like this will help us see as many as possible!
St. Louis Cakes here we come!! :)


  1. I think this is soooooo awesome that the town is doing this!!!!!

  2. I'm sure this is making for some great adventures and photos, Mary Jo! :)

  3. What a cool idea to visit and take pictures at many of them! Around here we have streetcars, fish, and now Mardi Gras bead dogs, all benefiting various non-profits. I'll have to notice more and take pics sometime.

  4. Those cakes are so cool!
    WOW so many how fun!!
    Very cool you have a list to various locations!
    Love the picture you shared!
    Happy 4th of July!

  5. So fun that you guys are doing this!! That's a lot of cakes!!

  6. This looks like so much fun!

  7. I love the cake idea and how fun to have your list broken down to try to hit as many as possible.....I see a mini album in your future...or are you adding them as you see them to summer PL?

    1. Definitely doing a separate album but will include some faves in the PL :)