Friday, July 11, 2014


we can cross a few more STL 250 Birthday Cakes off our list!
On Wednesday, the kids and I went to visit a historical mansion here in St. Louis called
the Chatillon-DeMenil mansion...
Evan didn't want to be in the picture since the cake was in the middle of the plants. Erin didn't mind reaching over :)
Our main reason for visiting the mansion (besides the cake) was to go on the tour. Evan has a summer social studies project that involves researching a predominant culture in the St. Louis area. He chose the French culture. We definitely learned quite a bit about the history of French culture in St. Louis on the tour, and I found quite a bit of it fascinating. You can see the website for the mansion *Here*.
Then we headed next door to the Lemp mansion...
to get a photo with their cake and have lunch. We have been wanting to try lunch there for a while. And when I found a groupon on-line, plus saw how close the two mansions were, we decided the tour and then lunch would be perfect. The Lemp Mansion itself has quite an interesting history. Some say it's haunted, and they host comedy and mystery dinners there that are supposed to be fun.

As we headed home, I remembered that there was one more cake not to far from our location...
the Cherokee Street shopping district. Evan decided to stay in the car while Erin and I popped out real quick to get a photo.
I have to say we are having a lot of fun on our cake expeditions! :)
And Mike has actually taken pictures of three more cakes while he was out on bike rides. Even though the kids and I weren't there for those cakes, I plan on adding those photos to our STL 250 Cake scrapbook album. (yes, there is going to be an album!)
So that brings our grand total of photos with cakes to 16 so far.
Hoping to get some more soon!

In Scrapbooking, I had a small little post go up on the Craft Your Nest blog yesterday sharing some fun giveaways on the internet this week involving Chic Tags, The Twinery and Paper Issues.
I am also working on not one, but two layouts right now. I will be able to share at least one of them next week.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time! how cool to make an album of the cakes!

  2. Sounds like it was a great time out and it's so cool that you got to capture a few more cakes!

  3. Loving the photos!! Can't wait to see this cake album ... how fun will that be?!?!!?

  4. I love this!! And OF COURSE there needed to be a STL cake album!! :D Very cool, love these posts of yours! :)

  5. What a fun summer treasure hunt, looking for these cakes. Very cool! Can't wait to see whatever projects you have up your sleeve. :)

  6. That's funny about Erin, Landry would be the same way :) Awesome that you got to see so many cakes in one day!

  7. The cakes look amazing and I love the photo of Erin on top of the last one. It will be very interesting to see how many you get to see before the end. We had cows here a few years ago, I think I prefer the cakes! Anne xx

  8. I LOVE these cool pictures and have been seeing them on Instagram!!

  9. The pics with the "cakes" are so fun! What a great summertime family activity!