Friday, July 18, 2014

Two More Cakes!

This past week we kept busy with friends a few days.
On Tuesday we went to the Museum of Transportation with my friend Suzy and her family.
We had a lot of fun with them and their two boys are adorable :)
It's so funny comparing the difference in ages between their children and mine.
I am in just a whole different category of parenting now with a twelve (almost teen) and a six (almost seven year old), but the kids still had fun hanging out together. In fact, Evan is just fabulous with younger children. And I loved watching him interact with them. He was just so respectful and came to their level with games. Plus, he had the youngest giggling up a storm at one point. :)

Then on Wednesday we went out to Six Flags with my friend Kelly and her two boys.
So we noted that this is the cake for Six Flags. The amusement park right? So why does it look like a Zoo cake. As Evan said, it should at least have a roller coaster on it. LOL.

Not sure how many cakes that makes now, but we have a few big days where we are going to knock out a bunch at once. :)

And one last note...
don't forget! You have until this Sunday, August 20th, to link up your "Gettin' the Scoop on the Sweet Days of Summer" projects on the Paper Issues *Blog*.

Now off to enjoy the weekend!


  1. I agree ... the Six Flags one should have a roller coaster on it! LOL!!!!!

  2. It does seem a bit strange.... maybe they just had an extra cake to put somewhere and it happened to be there? Interesting topic of conversation though! It is lovely that the children all got on so well, age never seems to be a barrier with kids, they just seem to accept each other and get on. Anne xx

  3. Sounds like a fun day at the museum and six Flags! I have been to that six flags several times! Lots of memories for me!
    Yes I think that cake does look like it belongs in a zoo!

  4. What a fun week!! Evan sounds like such a sweet kid :) it's funny how your parenting changes with kids these age, isn't it?

  5. I am so enjoying looking at all these cakes!!
    How fun it must be to search for them.
    I can see Evan being good with younger kids.

  6. More summer fun for your gang! :) So great! :)