Friday, July 25, 2014

Milwaukee and Cakes

Ok, that was a nice little unexpected week long blog break!
The kids and I went to visit my brother and his wife in Milwaukee for the weekend so Mike could get some much needed work done on our house that involved cutting a hole in Evan's wall to install duct work.
So away we went!
We left on Friday and what should have been a six hour drive took eight because of traffic. Yikes!
During the day on Saturday, we visited the Milwaukee Art Museum...

and the...
Discovery World which made Evan happy because it had an aquarium. :)

Later that evening we headed back downtown for the Festa Italia which was a lot of fun!
We were even able to stay up late for the fireworks at 10:30.
You can see my brother there putting up rabbit ears behind Erin's head. And not quite sure why she likes to pose with her teeth out like that now. (Lol) It's her Bugs Bunny look.

On Sunday we went to The Domes which were pretty cool.
That's my brother and his wife Kathi posing with the kids who were having trouble seeing because of the bright sunlight. There are three domes there and each feature a different environment. Desert, Tropical and the third is Seasonal.

They have dinosaurs on display right now in the Tropical dome which the kids loved!
We had so much fun up there in Milwaukee! And my brother and sister-in-law were super cool because we ended up staying with them an extra day to give Mike a little more time to work on his project, so we didn't get home until Monday afternoon.
Tuesday was a day of getting unpacked, doing laundry and other chores. Not very exciting. But we needed a day to just hang out at home.

Then on Wednesday we headed downtown to try and get photos of as many STL 250 birthday cakes as we could. We ended up seeing ten, but I am only sharing a few here because Evan made me promise not to share the photos with him in them. The Milwaukee photos are fine. The cake ones for some reason, not so much. I have shared a few others with him in them, but he said no this time. :)

I shared these two photos on Instagram.
Just wanted to share this one, too, from our trip Downtown today. This one is at the Central library. Gotta love a cake with books on it. :)

This one is at the Central Library. So love that it has books on it!

And this one from the Old Post Office was Erin's favorite picture that she wanted me to share.
We actually have a photo of Evan and my friend Kelly's kids and her nephew, but Erin wanted a photo on her own. My friend met us down there for lunch which was great!

Here is the cake at the Peabody Opera House. I like that one, too!
And the one at Kiener Plaza...
is cool but they have it in the middle of a flower bed so you can't really pose with it.
We also got photos of the cakes at The Campbell House, Soldiers Memorial, the Wainwright Building, the Old Courthouse, The Drury Inn at the Arch, and the Ballpark Hilton. We already have photos with The City Garden, Busch Stadium and the Scottrade Center down there.

Places we could have gone because we were close but just too tired were Christ Church Cathedral, City Hall, and Union Station. We know our limits so we will save those for another day possibly. But I thought ten was a pretty good number!

I think next we are going to try and see the cakes in Forest Park. :)

Sorry for the lack of scrapbooking in this post, but it seems like Thursdays/Friday will be my day to share more personal things. So I will be back Monday with a layout to share!
And hopefully I will get a chance to visit blogs this weekend!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Sounds like you all are taking full advantage of the summer, Mary Jo, good for you! :)

  2. love summer trips
    sounds like you all had fun

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  5. What a funfilled summer you are having. Pleanty of time to craft when the kiddo's are back in school You can only have this summer together once! lol

  6. I would say that 10 is brilliant! I think that unexpected breaks are the best, although I don't envy Mike with the job he had to do..... great pictures, as always! Anne x

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your neither! Those domes look so cool!! You fits are knocking those cakes out left and right!!

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    Sounds like a fun and busy time!
    Really enjoying all the cake pictures!

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