Monday, April 2, 2012

Sharing a Two Pager Today :)

First off, just want to say - April, already? Really?

Moving on! :) I don't do them very often, but I do make two page layouts. Or maybe I don't share them as much because I find them harder to photograph. They always look a little wonky and off balance to me :) But I do like working with a bigger space sometimes when I have lots of photos I want to scrap and I just don't want to make it a mini album.

 I actually did a series of two page layouts two summers ago when Evan and I had "Field Trip Mondays". Erin went to a Mom's Day Out program one day a week. So on that day I decided to take Evan places that weren't as easy to go with Erin in tow. That way he was able to focus on more age appropriate areas and we also had some special one on one time together.
For the first Monday, he wanted to go to the Art Museum. But silly me forgot that it wasn't open on Mondays :)
Thankfully the Science Center is in the same park, so we headed there instead.
(you can click on page to make it larger)
It was a fun trip and we saw so many things. I think he spent at least 45 minutes alone at the erosion table. Something we definitely could not have done if Erin was there. I used the Orbit line by Crate Paper for this layout and I think it worked pretty well.

Looking at this layout just makes me smile because the trip was a really good memory for both of us :) And finding it hard to believe that it has been almost two years already since that summer. If I didn't scrapbook, I think a lot would be lost for me. I can barely remember some days what I had for lunch the day before (lol) Let alone what we did two years ago! :)

Look for more two pagers in the upcoming weeks. I think I'm ready to show a few more of the ;)

For the Family
And yet another photo from my phone at the grocery store yesterday. Erin wanted to have her photo taken with the Easter Bunny, but then didn't seem to sure when she got up there :) I have to admit, I probably would have been the same way. I've never been a fan of the big Easter Bunnies. Erin sat as far away as she could on the bench. And when I said, "why don't you scoot over a bit." the Easter Bunny shifted over closer to her. I don't think she liked that (lol)

I know the last few photos have been of Erin, but I find myself spending more time with her these days. With Evan at school full time or doing things with Mike, I don't have to many photo opps. But at least he is the main focus of the layout today! And truthfully, I have just not been taking that many photos with the big camera lately. Mostly using my phone to snap photos :)

I'm sure with Easter coming up and all the fun Spring activities we do, that will change soon though :)


  1. awesome 2 pager!! the paper is perfect for it!!

  2. I know what you mean! 2-pagers are harder for me too - I sometimes feel like I'm creating 2 one page layouts and they just happen to go together. Your page turned out great. Sounds like you had lots of good quality time on these outings. You captured some great photos!

  3. Very cute! Love the little letter stickers on the photos!

  4. very fun! I have a hard time with 2-pagers too! I think it might be b/c I am too lazy to clear off enough space on my desk to work on them - LOL! I think yours turned out great!

  5. adorable layout! i love the rocket in the title.

  6. Wow...great job! Love the elements you cut from the paper, which btw is a perfect collection for these pics!

  7. I have some of the Orbit line. You have just inspired me with how to use it! :)

  8. Love the mix of fonts in your title! Great use of that paper, I think I still have some of that in my stash and you've inspired me to use it :)

  9. Fantastic l/o, but that title block totally SINGS!!! Love it.

  10. Loving the composition in your layout, so clean! I was flipping through our old albums the other day and couldn't remember the stuff I'd forgotten, so I know exactly what you mean!

    PS, not a fan of the Easter Bunny either. I think it's the dingy costume and those creepy glass/plastic eyes!

  11. As much as I love to spend time with all of my girls, that one on one time is so special.
    Great 2 page layout.

  12. LOVE your 2-pager and the photography looks awesome!! I agree with you though - they're hard for me to photograph, too.

  13. LOL I don't blame Erin one bit! Hey I couldnt even get my kids anywhere near the Easter bunny! LOL! That two pager is awesome- perfectly balanced too! WTG!

  14. This is awesome!! I really love the design of your two pager!!
    WTG!! Very fun and love the embellishments you used!!
    Looks like a very fun day!!
    Love the picture of Erin & the bunny!
    We love going to museums and educational places such fun memories and so educational for them & us too!

  15. great double LO! love the clean lines! and that picture with the Easter Bunny is cute... and has a great story to scrapbook to go with it! :)