Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Thursday

If you want a pure scrapbooking post, I have a layout up on the Craft Your Nest blog today.
It's for the "Pocket Full of Sunshine" theme at Paper Issues. I am also going to link it up on the Stashbuster's Thread over at Two Peas in a Bucket. It definitely fits challenge #1 which is to use yellow on a page or card.

Today I want to talk a little about my iphone camera. It's so convenient. So easy to use.
I love it so much better than my old android one. Especially out in the sunlight for photos like this...
which was a really, really cold day a month or two ago when I was volunteering for Erin's class. Photos outside usually turn out fine.
But truthfully, I am tired of missing out on getting good indoor photos.
Erin went to a birthday party at a rock climbing place and most of my photos turned out like this...
just all blurry and not good quality. I know it's indoors and I hate using a flash. So I guess this is what I will get. But I am kind of missing my point and shoot for this type of event.
Tired of being disappointed that most of my photos from 2014 so far are just terrible.
Maybe I just need to work on taking better photos with my camera. Or maybe it wouldn't hurt to start carrying the point and shoot in my purse again.

Any iphone users out there have good tips or suggestions that could help me take better photos?
Because I really would have liked a better photo from our date night at the movies.

I am just one big blur. :)
Oh well. Maybe I just need to suck it up and use that flash.
Although nothing can take the place of our DSLR. This is still one of my favorite pictures of Erin :)

Anyway, April is kind of flying by here. I can't believe one week from today is already the start of the Easter holiday. I just need things to slow down a bit because the kids will be done with school in less than two months!
Where is 2014 going and why does it have to move so fast?
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I can see the difference and totally get it ... I have android and some of my pics are pure crap :(

  2. I can't believe how fast april is going already!
    we were just talking that we have 35 school days left till summer! can't wait

  3. That picture of Erin, the last one, is amazing!

    I am so with you on the iphone camera though. I love how it takes pictures in the sun, but at a wedding this weekend, I didn't want to lug around my DSLR (because they have photographers for that!) but I did want to snap a few pictures for my husband since he couldn't attend. The ones after sunset turned out terrible. I wish there was a better way. Maybe I should have just looked for my point and shoot, which I'm pretty sure is still in a box from when we moved!

    Sometimes I use the PicTapGo app. It does help, not as much as I'd like, but it is good for brightening/lightening and all that. But not for the blur, I don't know how to fix that :(

    1. I have heard of that app. Going to check it out. Thanks!!

  4. I am a rubbish photographer so don't have any suggestions but that last photo of Erin is so lovely!

  5. I wish I could offer a suggestion but I don't have an iphone, I just use a point and shoot for photos. Hope that app helps you though. I love the photos of Erin! Anne xx

  6. I know what you mean about camera phones. It's great for some photos and crummy for others. No advice though... :(

  7. It's funny but I was getting ready to go to Europe and hemming and hawing about taking my big DSLR or just a PNS or use my camera..I tested all 3, you know that big ol DSLR won hand down.

    There is a free app (not sure if they make one for the phone) but it's called Noiseware and it will help minimize noise from bad indoor photos and sharpen as well. I use it when I've taken a bad photo that I really love.

  8. I have been having this exact same gripe lately!!! :( I used to carry a small camera in my purse, but the dang thing would get bumped and turn on, and the battery would run down. It would never fail, when I needed the thing, it wouldn't turn on. Eventually it just crapped out all together. I kept seeing all these bloggers and people using nothing but their iPhones for these awesome photos. I have no idea how they get those shots, mine are terrible! And forget using the screen to take your pic, those turn out worse than using it the regular way! The last straw for me was a few weeks ago when we went to the UFC fights in Dallas. You weren't allowed to bring in real cameras, so everyone had their phones or tablets out taking photos ... and I could see some people getting great photos (at least they looked that way on their screens), and mine were HORRIBLE! I'm thinking of looking for another small camera to keep in my purse. Even if I have to get some type of hard case for it. It would be worth it to me to not miss getting descent photos! :)

    I did spring for both PicTapGo and Camera+ apps. They help, but only so much. And if you don't take the photo IN Camera+, you can't edit it there. Well ... off my soapbox for today! Sorry! LOL :)

  9. I don't like the photos my iPhone takes indoors (I hate the flash too). My DSLR is the way to go.

  10. Sorry I can't help out with the picture question. Love the photos and love your LO so pretty!!

  11. I have a iphone 4S. Every photo you see on my blog from the last 2 yrs are all from my phone.
    When I take a photo I try to keep my elbow into my sides for stability and I also breath out then then take the photo.
    I saw somewhere where a shooter (with a gun not a camera, lol) breathes out before taking the shot to steady himself. Seems to work with photography as well ;)
    I think your photos are great. Even with the indoor shots, at least you are documenting ;)

  12. Oh ya, and if you turn your screen view…like so you can see yourself when taking a selfie, the picture quality is even worse. I forget why, as I am not technical at all.
    But I still do that sometimes, as I want the photo no matter the quality.

  13. Hey Mary Jo, here's my 2 cents since you asked. :) As far as using the iPhone camera, lighting and steadiness are key, but I know you know that. I've heard that camera+ is better than the iPhone camera app, but regardless, the sensor in the phone is only so large and capable of only so much. I use VSCO for shooting with my iPhone, and have been happy, but I usually have time to capture multiple shots. I almost always carry my little Canon PS S100 because I don't want to be limited by my phone and the hubs has a bigger camera that we take with us sometimes. I think the phone's camera is great for those moments of convenience to snap a picture, but you'll be most happy with at least a point and shoot on hand. And yeah, April 12th already!?! eek! :)

  14. Wish I could offer you some great advice on the phone camera thing, but I have the same frustrations!!! On a positive note...that picture of Erin is perfect!!!!!

  15. I LOVE that picture of Erin ~ there's nothing like shooting outdoors.