Monday, April 14, 2014

Paper Issues: Pitch Perfect!

Ok - just wanted to start off by saying "thank you!" for all the comments, tips and photo app suggestions on my last post. It is so nice to have a place to vent when something is frustrating me, but then come away with constructive ideas that help. :)

Now on to scrapbooking! A new "issue" is up over at Paper Issues called "Pitch Perfect".
The first thing that comes to mind is this movie...

I finally saw it for the first time two months ago when I was sick and all I could do was lay around and watch tv. It was pretty good, but I am not into vomit humor and there was quite a bit of that. (yuck)

Anyway, over at Paper Issues, we would love for you to link up projects to go with our theme. They could be about singing, instruments, baseball, perfect/perfection, song lyrics, music concerts, pitch a fit (tantrums), camping (pitch a tent), favorite commercials (sales pitch), anything using the words perfect or pitch. And also any project using Lawn Fawn products since they are our sponsor this time around.
So really there are lots of options. Or come up with one of your own.

One lucky linker will win this cute stamp set...
adorable, right?

Here are a few projects I will be linking up...

Not a great photo of it, but an older layout. She always loves to come to me for hugs and snuggles even in the middle of temper tantrums. I think it reassures her that I still love her :)

This photo is from a U2 concert a few years back. I had to do a layout about the stage. It was pretty incredible.

And this one is a favorite of mine, plus it uses the word "perfect" in the title. Perfect, right? :)

I am thinking about creating a new page for this issue. There is a quote I would love to use on a page "There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one." - Jill Churchill
 I think it's time to finally use it!

If you would like to link up a project using the "Pitch Perfect" theme, check out this post on the Paper Issues blog *Here*.
I am looking for someone to feature on the Paper Issues blog this Friday. It could be you!

As for my weekend, we were so busy! My parents came over with my niece to decorate Easter eggs on Friday night. I took a few photos but most of them are still on the DSLR. But I do have this one I added to Instagram...
Evan doesn't like to dye eggs. He likes to draw on them. This is his clone trooper egg. :)

Then on Saturday, the kids and I drove down to Joplin to see Mike. He was unable to come home this weekend due to work and we just didn't want to wait until next weekend to see him. We only stayed one night and came back late Sunday afternoon, but it was worth it! And I know he appreciated it.
So like I said, a busy, but fun weekend.
Looking forward to more of the same this week!
Hope you have a Happy Monday.


  1. All great layouts, as always! :) I have several friends that keep telling me I need to see that movie, and we just haven't yet! Today would be a great day for it though, wish I was home snuggled on the couch! :)

  2. Great layouts that you'll be linking up, Mary Jo! I'll have to see if I have anything that fits the new issue. Have a wonderful week! :)

  3. totally loving your layouts! sounds like a fun new issue.

  4. Great and awesome layouts to link up. That photo of her says so much. Sad but sweet. And love the egg!!

  5. Your layouts are beautiful.... as always! Love those stamps too. Anne xx

  6. That was the only thing I didn't like about Pitch Perfect was the throwing up! LOL!! I loveeee your lo's and that egg is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  7. Great layouts to link up. The one of Erin is so sweet! Love the hand drawn egg! He is so talented!

  8. Great selection of layouts to link up, Mary Jo! I haven't watched Pitch Perfect because the vomit stuff is going to make me...welll, want to vomit. LOL! I've heard it's an awesome movie though. Love how Evan chooses to draw on his eggs vs. coloring them. He's such an amazing artist so it's a nice change and totally reflects his talent and personality. :)

  9. What wondefufl pages, love the U2 picture with the background pp and your ds storm trooper is darling,

  10. As always, your layouts are amazing! I love the one from the U2 concert...that stage is incredible! Your boy is such a gifted artist!

  11. LOVE all of these and that decorated egg is too cool!!

  12. Nice collection of pages. I especially like the U2 one.

    I haven't seen Pitch Perfect yet, but I do love the Cups song. My son can even do the cup tapping rhythm. He learned it in music class at school! Anyway, I've been thinking of making a layout with a quote from that song. If I get it done, I'll be sure to link up. :)

  13. What a great theme and so many different ideas! Adorable stamp set to win!! Busy weekend is right! I love the eggs and I know Mike loved you guys visiting him!!

  14. Love your pages, especially the one about the books. :) Um....vomit humor???? I'm with you on that....just not into it. LOL.

  15. I have to say Evan's egg is awesome!
    Your layouts are always Perfect.
    I can't pick a favourite as they are all so great, but I do love the one on reading

  16. These are awesome layouts. I really love the one about books, but I know I'm biased as a book lover ;)

    I haven't seen Pitch Perfect. I didn't know about the vomit humor. Now I'm really not rushing to see it anytime soon!

    Evan's egg is awesome! That is very cool that he draws on them, he is so talented!

  17. Of course Evan likes to draw on eggs! (His talent amazes me.) Love your pages, especially the book layout. I am also one who has loved to read since I first could, spending hours in the library on summer days, searching out books about horses...and drawing them a la my favorite horse author/artist. There's a scrapbook page there somewhere! lol