Monday, April 21, 2014


1. love to watch this movie...
and listen to the soundtrack a lot.

2. Still listening to...
The National...a lot.

3.  Enjoying...

our beautiful Magnolia tree in our backyard. It's so pretty to look at, but it really makes a mess of the backyard. Fortunately the weather has been gorgeous the past few days making all the raking and bagging of flower petals a little more bearable. And the kids have really enjoyed being able to play outside as well!

4. Excited about...
Stanley Cup playoff hockey! My boys in blue are 2-0 up on the Chicago Blackhawks right now. Let's hope the momentum continues! I have been waiting a long time for the St. Louis Blues to win a Stanley Cup. Hoping this year won't be another disappointment.

5. Celebrating...

Easter. We kept things small this year as far as baskets and treats go. And yes, they each got a fancy toothbrush in their basket. :)
Had fun celebrating with my family on Saturday night. My brother and his wife are in town which made it extra special. Plus, it's my dad's birthday today, so we had a cookie cake and presents for him.
Today, we went to my mother-in-law's for a lovely breakfast. 
It really was a beautiful, joyful day.

6. And last, but not least...
getting to work with some great product by Doodlebug design right now for an upcoming Paper Issues assignment being revealed next Monday.
So I am definitely going to have a page to share soon!

That's what is going on here.
What's going on with you?


  1. We love Frozen too!!!! And loving the photo of your tree!! Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Your Magnolia tree is gorgeous!!! Can you believe that I still haven't seen Frozen? I have got to do that! Absolutely nothing wrong with fancy toothbrushes for Easter and I can't wait to see your new layout!

  3. Your tree is sooooo beautiful!!! :) :) I love the kiddos in the background - adorable! :) I'm loving the new Doodlebug stuff, too! :) Can't wait to see what you create! :)

  4. Love your Japanese Magnolia, Mary Jo! One of my favorite trees!

  5. Ah Frozen, a favorite here as well :) I've always wanted a Magnolia tree, they are just beautiful! I'm glad to see you're not the only ones who do not go over board with Easter treats and baskets. I saw so many pictures on Facebook of such excess, it made me wonder what people are teaching their children. Love the toothbrush too!

  6. Yeah big Frozen fans here too. Right now also into the Decpicable Me movies. Beautiful photos! And great post. Can't wait to see your project!

  7. Your tree is gorgeous! Now that all my kids are older, I don't see many Disney movies, Frozen included. I hope it hits Netflix one day! ;)

  8. I just watched Frozen for the first time a few weeks back and am ready to watch it again, such a good movie, love your Magnolia tree, for some reason mine didn't bloom this year and if my ds has anything to say about the Stanley Cup it will be that the Sharks win it! LOL Have a great day.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous!!! So glad spring arrived. And what fun Doodlebug stuff!! Can't wait to see what you are making with it. :)

  10. I love your beautiful blossoms and you gorgeous weather :)
    I enjoyed Frozen as well.
    Still need to check out your favourite band :)

  11. Love the Frozen movie too! Your tree is so pretty!
    Love the Easter basket and look forward to seeing what you create with the Doodlebug!

  12. I agree, I love all of these things too!!

  13. Okay, I need to see Frozen. Everyone is talking about it!

    Your magnolia tree is gorgeous! Although I never realized you'd have to rake the petals up like leaves! But it must be fun to be outside when the weather is nice :)