Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Thursday, Books to Read, and a P.J. Story Time :)

Well so far this morning I have...

made sure the kids were up, fed and to school,
started a load of laundry,
cleaned up the breakfast dishes and started the dish washer,
swept the downstairs floors,
and made my bed.

So I am taking a small email, blog and Facebook break while I eat my breakfast before I...
watch and episode of Modern Family while I fold and put away our the clean towels and kid's clothes,
and pick up Erin from school right after lunch

Thursday mornings are usually busy around here if I am not out running errands. I find I am always trying to fit so much in those few hours she is at school twice a week. All the things that are harder to do when she is home.

And maybe just maybe if she takes a nap today, I will probably just lay down too since I am fighting off a cold, and read a book :)
As for books, I put in a request for lots of books and a few audio CD's with the library. I love being able to do that on-line!

Getting this one on CD...
and this one, too.
S.K.'s new book.
I've read all the books in this series so far and this one is the latest.
Virals is a new series from the author of the books they made into the Bones t.v. show. I've never seen the show, but have heard good things.

I've read all of Dean Koontz's books as well. So of course I want to read his new one.
This looks like an interesting autobiography to me. I find her story fascinating for some reason.
Very interested in this book as well. I've been reading quotes from him on Facebook recently and nine times out of ten they strike a chord with me.

This book I am actually getting through Paperback Swap I've been wanting to read it for a while. And they didn't have it at the library, but did at the swap site. Since I had a credit, I thought I would see if they had it. If you have never checked out the site, it's pretty cool. I have sent off quite a few books and received books in return for the cost of postage. Usually around $2.40. Lots cheaper than actually buying the books new. And most of the books I have received were in "new" or "like new" condition. I only had one that was questionable.

As for my girl, she had a little pajama story time at school the other night. The grandparents came along, too. The children sang a sweet song for us and then we listened to two stories. The second one, Stone Soup, they were able to act out a little bit. Almost like a play :0) Then we had desserts and hot chocolate for a treat.

We have a busy weekend ahead between play dates and birthday parties. So I'll be back on Monday with a new post I am sure.
Plus Tuesday is the day I am finally able to share the projects I made for Scrapgal
I am so excited about the new challenges we have coming up there as well this month. I had the journal challenge and hope my scrap friends will play along!!


  1. I might have to look into a couple of those books! They look good!

  2. LOve your book suggestions. Enjoy the Dalai Lama. I find every one of those I read I get super inspired & add calmness to my life. Now, I just have to figure out a way to keep it there. hehehehe. TFS!

  3. i need to find some of these books!

  4. I'm in Book Mooch right now. So far, I have shipped two books, but none of the books I want are available for mooching. Hopefully soon!

  5. I love those JD Robb books too! I think I am two behind on those tho. Thanks for your sweet words on my post this week. It's been a week and that was so nice to read!! :)
    LOVE that sweetie pic of Erin!!
    Happy Weekend. Hope Evan gets better soon!