Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting Off!

I officially began the Wellness Journey class today. This is the cover of my little 6x6 album using the Basic Grey Green at Heart line.
And I'll show you my goal page even though it is one of my least favorite photos of me ever! It was taken on the day of Evan's First Communion. And I really could not believe how awful I felt I looked in the photos when I saw them. I'm sorry but I did. That dress did nothing for me. And it got me thinking about changes I want to make. Changes that I am finally feeling ready for now that Erin is a little older.

The first week of class involves setting up and beginning a fitness program to stick to. My goal is to exercise five days per week. Monday is 30 minutes of cardio+strength training. Tuesday 30-45 minutes of cardio only. Wednesday is supposed to be rest day. Thursday is 30 minutes of cardio+15 min.of strength training. Friday is 30 minutes of cardio and Saturday is 45 minutes of cardio. Sunday is supposed to be a rest day as well, but I think on my rest days I will do Yoga.
And this morning I have already done my workout.
As the weeks progress and workouts become easier, I'm sure I will be adding time to them. I just need something I can feel successful at.
I've done a lot of exercising over the years. I'm definitely not a novice. And was even up to jogging for 30 minutes at a time. But then I will go through a several week period where it's sporadic depending on circumstances.
I'm done with that! :)
I just think sometimes you get to a point in your life when you are finally ready for something to happen and know that you can be a success. And you are tired of where you are at.
I'm there!~

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