Friday, January 14, 2011

A Scrapgal Sneak Peek and My Little Gymnast

This is a tiny peek of one of my layouts for February. It's not quite finished, but I'm pretty happy with what I have so far :) The manufacturer of the month is Graphic 45 and we were each given a kit of goodies to use that included a few other brands as well.

As for Erin, she loves her gymnastics class. A lot :) Mike actually took her this past Wednesday for me because I attended a funeral mass for a friend and colleague. I'm not quite ready to talk about that here, but I was grateful Mike could take off work so I could go.

He brought the camera with him and took several photos. This is one of my favorites because it's one of the reasons I signed her up for gymnastics in the first place. She's such a little monkey. Always swinging and climbing and flipping over. And it's amazing how much she has learned since she began last June. She listens so well to her teacher. And the tasks they are asked to do are not easy. But her teacher is really good with small children and is very calm and patient.
Mike was pretty surprised at how far Erin has come in such a short time as well. And as long as she is having fun and enjoying it, then we'll keep signing up for sessions.
I am definitely going to have to make a scrap page about it!


  1. Can't wait to see the whole thing, Mary Jo. I have been a fan of Tim Holtz for a long time. I love the vintage look of that paper line. I've got a little bit of it here.

    I'm sorry that you had a funeral to attend.

  2. I love your scrapspace! those die cuts on your page look amazing.

  3. Awwww! Erin is adorable! I coached gymnastics for 11 years, and these photos make me miss it SOOOO very much! :-D She is too cute. And dainty! ... great for gymnastics! ;-)

    And your sneak looks great! I think I'm gonna be liking that design! :-)

  4. Love your sneak!
    And she is so cute doing her gymnastics! It's so cute to watch them at that young age!

  5. she looks like she is doing great with her gymnastics!

  6. Aww, love the little hanging monkey pic! Enlarge that one for sure! :)
    Fun sneak too! Love it!

  7. Love your sneak!!
    Adorable pictures of your dd how very fun!!

  8. So so cute, Mary Jo! She's growing so much. put a brick on her bead and tell her to hold on! That's what I've been doing with Lauren lately. Sadly, she's still going up!