Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Friend

Welcome,Thursday! I am not one to talk much about politics with others, but I did vote on Tuesday :) I did my research and felt pretty confident about my choices.
Now that the election is over, I am hoping and praying that these next four years are going to be better for our country!

Enough politics! On to scrapbooking :)
When I found out the theme for the November kit by Scrapbooking From the Inside Out, Mindfulness, of course one of the first things that came to mind was yoga. And the idea for my "Mind Racing" page from my last post, was a no-brainer for me.
But after that I was seriously stumped. So I googled mindfullness and actually discovered a few pretty helpful sites. One of them is here. "Mindfulness exercises to relieve stress."
The other site,, is more of a blog with lots of great ideas and thoughts on mindfullness. And this is the place where I found something written on "mindful friendship" which stated that a mindful friends practices "loving speech and compassionate listening."
Right away that struck a chord with me and made me think of my friend Bridget. She is the very definition of loving speech and compassionate listening!

I have known Bridget for over ten years now and in that time we have become great friends. Our children are close and I am grateful for her is so many ways.

I was so blessed on the day Bridget and I became friends. We officially met while we were each separately out walking in the neighborhood with our baby boys in carriers. And immediately a friendship was born! 
Through Bridget, I have learned that true friends can have different ideas, thoughts and feelings, but still not let that get in the way of friendship.
She is what I would call a "miindful" friend because she has perfected the art of "loving speech" and
"compassionate listening". When I talk, I truly feel that she is listening. And when she talks, I truly feel the kindness and love in her words. I treasure our friendship because she gives great advice and is a calming presence in my life. And I hope I am that kind of friend to her as well.

Have you created any layouts about the friendships in your life?


  1. Wow, you have really been journaling such deep, insightful thoughts! Love this layout and especially the journaling.

    I have a layout in the works about our lifelong friends. My DH has known her since he was 2 years old. He is best friends with her husband. Her little brother is one of my husbands best friends since grade 1! She is the older sister but is the driving force in our tight circle of friends we have had all our lives.
    We were just up visiting them for a weekend just before my surgery. She and I took a lot a garden pictures in her village...I want to scrapbook the trip but need to get my Xmas cards done.
    i think it will be my treat to myself once they are finished.

  2. This is a wonderful topic and layout, Mary Jo! Just last weekend I made sure to get a photo with a very dear friend because I wanted to scrapbook about our relationship. Can you believe that in the 27 years I've known her, we didn't have a photo of just the two of us together!?!?!

  3. how awesome!! i have done one layout of my best friend- we have been friends for 44 years now-- i think it is about time to get another photo of the 2 of us!!

  4. Beautiful!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the journaling and that flower!!!

  5. Sweet page! Lucky you to find such a friend in your own neighborhood!

  6. Such a meaningful friendship. Very special to have. Beautiful LO and photo!

  7. Lovely layout, and I'm impressed by the thought and research that went into it. I have scrapped about my friends, but probably not often enough.

  8. This is simply wonderful. I'm happy for your friendship and your ability to get it on paper like this. So special!

  9. What a great topic for a page! I am really glad to see this today and be reminded of the importance of this practice.

  10. What a sweet page! Thank you for sharing!

  11. This is awesome. Friend layouts are so important. I've moved so many times and all my friends have gone by the wayside. They don't move and not good at working at long distance relationships.

  12. You have some deep layouts going on girl! Haha! This is beautiful :)

  13. Lovely layout! I love that flower embellishment. I wish I had more photos of my best girlfriends. I take photos all the time, yet I'm so busy visiting I never think to reach for the camera when I'm with them. I NEED to remember so that I can do some pages like this. :)

  14. What a lovely layout and wonderful journaling. Friendships sure are vital in our lives. My best friends have always been my sisters.

  15. Beautiful LO! :)
    Love the design and the flower!
    I'm alwaya amazed at your journaling!!
    I dont think I have scrapped about a friend but I should!

  16. Bridget sounds like a wonderful friend! I love this layout, it is so beautiful and the journaling is so heartfelt!

    I haven't scrapped about a friend, but I would like to do a layout about my bridesmaids for our wedding album :)