Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time Is Flying!

So today I am going to share a nice calm layout that may slow things down a bit :)
Created using the November Mindfullness kit by Scrapbooking From the Inside Out.

I began doing yoga in 1998 as a way to help me relax and deal with stress after being in a really bad car accident. I was having panic attacks and just feeling sick to my stomach all of the time. A friend of mine recommended yoga to help me learn to breathe, so I bought a beginning yoga video to get me started. And my friend was right! Whenever I did yoga, I found myself feeling calmer and more relaxed.
Fast forward several years when my kids were born. Yoga wasn't quite as relaxing for me. I would try and go through a routine, but the constant interruptions threw me off! And whenever I tried to get up before the kids to fit in a workout, they would decide to wake up early, too.
Last fall though, I had a wonderful yoga experience. When Mike and I traveled up to Muskogee Canada for our anniversary trip, the resort offered a free yoga and pilates class. Only a few students showed up, so it was the perfect class size. The teacher was fabulous and very laid back. Once again I found the calmness and peace I knew yoga could provide.
Now that both kids are in school full time, I am able to fit a little of my quiet yoga time in after they leave. Some time to relax and just breathe.

For  me, yoga is the perfect exercise in mindfullness :)
And it was important for me that this layout stayed simple, because simple gives me such a calm feeling these days!

In other scrapbook news, I have a layout published in ScrapStreet magazine for November. One of their last issues :(
You can see my layout here on page eight for the "Black and White" article.

And better late than never, a few photos from Halloween.
Evan's favorite pumpkin.
Our spooky animated witch who talks and stirs her pot when people approach :)
The gang! Evan didn't have his costume on yet. And decided not to go trick or treating, but stay back at the house with me while Erin trick or treated with her friends and Mimi. This was the first year Mike had to be out of town for Halloween which was a bummer!

Erin and her best friend! His mom and I are saving all these photos from when they are younger for the wedding ;)

All in all, it was a pretty good Halloween. Although the kids had school the next day and we are use to having the day off. So it was a little rough getting up and going :)

As for blogging, I think between now and New Year's I will most likely be putting up posts here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It seems to fit in the best with my schedule right now. And I will still do Wednesday posts at Craft Your Nest. So I will back on Thursday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great post! Glad you have been able to reconnect with your yoga. My eldest daughter was in a bad car accident (like you) and finds yoga helps keep the pain at bay and keeps her limber.

  2. super layout!!

    love all the halloween photos

  3. Beautiful photo and layout, Mary Jo! I love yoga! It definitely brings a sense of peace and mindfulness to your day.

  4. Beautiful lo!! LOVING the journaling! Congrats on the pub!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the Halloween photos!! Just ADORABLE!!!!

  5. Beautiful layout! I have been considering trying to find a yoga class but maybe I should start out with a video, just to see how I do...hmmm. Congratulations on being published, what an honor!

  6. Great layout, totally fits the journaling :).

  7. Love the layout, and the pics are fabulous!!

  8. Wonderful layout. And that last photo from Halloween is simply adorable!!! Congrats for the publication.

  9. Very pretty layout and SUCH cute photos! LOVE that last one!

  10. Love it! That is the cutest group of trick treaters ever!

  11. That pumpkin is so cool!! I love it!

    The layout is great. Yoga can be so calming. I love it for that!

  12. Oh I had no idea Scrapstreet was stopping. Congrats on the pub!

    I miss yoga. Haven't been able to do it or much of anything for me like that. Beautiful, peaceful layout!

  13. Love your LO so beautiful!
    Erin is really getting tall and looking so much more grown up too!
    I sure wish Ellie would slow down!
    Love Erin costume so adorable!!
    IKWYM about posting right now Im only posting 3 or 4 times a week!

  14. That picture is so peaceful looking, great for your layout! Love that pumpkin!!!!! Awesome pics of the kids :)

  15. Cool Halloween pics! I love yoga! I would love to get into a routine with yoga every day. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution. :)

  16. Great layout. I like that you included so much journaling. Your pumpkin is so good I wish mine came out like that.

  17. Oh, I feel the same way about Yoga. Love it when I make the time to do it...which isn't all that often. So glad you are finding the peace again. Great Halloween photos! My older nephew is now over it too. Sigh. They grow up so dang fast! He's not even my kid and I'm sad - LOL. :)

  18. It's nice that you have found something to relax you. I go to a couple of fitness classes each week. They help me unwind after a day at work.

  19. That is a calm, peaceful layout, perfect for the subject. Great Halloween photos, I love that pumpkin!

  20. such a lovely layout. Your picture sets the mood perfectly!

  21. I enjoy yoga, but pilates even more so :)
    You layout is very calming.
    Congrats to you again :)
    Great pumpkin :)

    1. Oooh, pilates is a good one. I do that, too :)

  22. Pretty layout. I tried yoga..didn't work for me. I would hold the pose, 10....9....8...7...and then my head would scream 654321! I need a class to work on patience first.