Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Concert

Well, Evan had his annual school Christmas concert last Thursday. And I have to say the pictures really didn't turn out like we had hoped. A combination of no flash photography allowed with being to far away even with the super zoom lens = blurry shots. But that's ok. I'm keeping a few of the best ones :)
It was a really cute show called Star of Wonder. And Evan sang his heart out!
So proud of him :0)

This is an ornament I made a few years ago when U2 was on their Vertigo tour. I really wanted a U2 ornament for our tree since we are such big fans. So I used a clear glass ornament and filled it with rolls of strips of black patterned paper. Then decorated the outside with red and white poster paint pens to represent graphics from the album design. It says Vertigo there on the left. I did the bullseye design on the bottom and on the back is another graphic from my concert t-shirt.
I am making ornaments like this again this year for neighbors and my nieces and nephews. Obviously not U2 ones, but Christmas and snow themed ones. And camouflage, hunting theme ones for my nephews who like to hunt. : )
So that is what I am working on in the scrap department right now!


  1. What a great way to get the ornament you want! Love it. Maybe us moms should revolt and keep the tree up until Feb 1st to enjoy the memories it contains.

  2. Hi, Mary Jo!!
    Love your U2 ornament!!
    We like them too but haven't kept up with them!
    I understand about the Copics I only ordered some because I received a DT discount and she wanted someone to work with them.
    I only bought the basics because I did not want to put a lot of money into them.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
    Love the pictures of the program!!

  3. Cute idea for the U2 ornament!

  4. I completely relate to the challenge of getting decent photos at Christmas concerts! It's tough :(