Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Week of 2010

I can't believe how fast this year has gone! I am not exaggerating when I say this year just flew by for us.

With that said, in the past week, I have gotten new hair :0)
New color and just a bit shorter. My natural hair is much lighter than this and doesn't have the red highlights.

We baked cookies despite not really feeling like it this year. But I pushed through on Christmas eve and got a batch done. Here is just a few we frosted. I love Evan's little gingerbread man. He really put a lot of effort into it!

Christmas Day was nice and quiet. I was not feeling well at all, so we didn't go anywhere!
We just opened presents and hung out at home. But it was ok despite feeling so crummy. I still enjoyed being with my family. And we just took it easy.

Plus it was a white Christmas, which the kids loved :0)

But like true traditional St. Louis weather, the snow is all gone already.
And we are having thunderstorms, tornado warnings and abnormally warm weather on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, I have been seeing a lot of blog posts with Ten in 2010 scrapbook layouts. I did something similar here
in 2009. A nine in '09 post. But I didn't really take a lot of photos of layouts in 2010. And the ones I did take photos of are mostly on the blog already. But I have a feeling that will change in 2011 with being on Scrapgal's design team :0)

I do want to do a Ten in 2010 favorite photos post though soon. I've been finding a lot of photos I love again lately as I go through my files and re-save them to month files since losing my huge folder with all those edited photos. So that will be coming soon!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Looking forward to a peaceful, healthy, happy 2011!


  1. love the hair and the post .. Happy New Years to you girl ..

  2. Thank ypu for your sweet comments on my blog!!
    Love your pictures and the cookies!!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. I love your hair! And that sweet pic of Erin by the tree!! Glad you had a white Christmas! :) Happy New Year, I am excited to see what's to come for you at Scrap Gal!!

  4. Happy New Year! You're starting it off lookin' gooood! Beautiful Holiday photos : )

  5. Mary Jo, you're such a cutie! love the new hair!!!

    those cookies are givng me cravings now...LOL

    looked like you had a nice Christmas!!!