Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Reading

Erin and I picked up a huge pile of books at the library yesterday. I already have quite a collection of Christmas books for children from my teaching days. And even more since the kids were born. But there is nothing better than new books! Especially from the library :0) Tonight Erin and I read two of them for bed time and they were both winners in my opinion. And I think her's, too. Especially since she is sleeping with one of them right now :0)
This was one of the sweetest little books ever! A little boy makes gingerbread pirate cookies with his mom for Santa, but the captain is his favorite and he wants to keep it. When Santa comes his cookies are gone so he goes looking for them. The pirate captain tells Santa "you can't eat my crew." And then Santa gives the captain a pirate ship and turns them all into pirate toys for the ship so the little boy can keep them and play with them. And they won't get eaten :0) It was really cute!

The next was Dragon's Merry Christmas. But I could only find a photo of the pack. I liked the Christmas story so much though that the others are definitely going in my request list from the library. It sounds like Erin's teacher read this book to them at school, too. So that's why she picked this one out and is currently sleeping with it. This is a new thing she has started. Instead of sleeping with a stuffed animal or "bed friend" as we call them, she is sleeping with favorite books. A child after my own heart ;0)

And lastly, this is neither a Christmas book or a childrens book. But it comes highly recommended by me. I loved this book. It's a great story about a women who comes from Japan after world war II to be a bride to an american. The story also talks about her relationship with her daughter and other family members back in Japan. I really enjoyed it and loved the main characters!
Plus I was excited to find a link to the author's blog margaret dilloway
when I was looking for a photo of the book on-line at
I added her blog to my roll of fun and inspirational blogs below on the right. I always love fun finds like that!
Can't wait to read some more of our library finds this time around. For her and me.
As for Evan, he is reading Star wars chapter books right now with Mike. And he finds his at the school library or at the book store, which is why he didn't get any with us at the library. So glad our children love to read!


  1. Requested that book from library just now. Try "Fallen Leaves" by Adeline Yen Mah. Really good too.

  2. I found a book under Laney's head tonight when I tucked her in:)

  3. Some of my fondest memories when Crystal was growing up Mary Jo were our trips to the library and the books we'd get. Love the sound of the 'Pirates' one and I'll have to check out your read as well. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. I don't know that pirate cookie book--will have to look for it! And thanks for the grownup book rec too--sounds right up my alley : )