Monday, December 13, 2010

Visiting with Santa

Evan was actually off school last Wednesday, so we decided to make a trip over to the mall to see Santa. I figured the crowds would be next to nothing and I was right. We just walked right up to him :)
I couldn't get in to close, but we did end up getting the "professional" package. It was worth it though because a CD of our photo and a $25 gift card to shutterfly where I usually get our Christmas photo cards from were included with it.
So photo cards made easy this year! Just need to order them :-O
And then here they were telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Evan had a lot to say :0) And yes, Evan still believes. At least he says he does. And who are we to take that away from him. I'm happy we have another year! I have a feeling we won't be so lucky next year though because he's asking a lot of questions. And has already told me he thinks Rudolph isn't real. 
To make this day even better, it was Mike's birthday. He was able to actually meet us at the mall on his lunch hour, see the kids with Santa, and have lunch with us! Always a treat :0)
Later that evening, we had cake, a special dinner and presents for him. 

So it was a good day!


  1. Precious picture and how fun all of you had lunch together!!
    Looking forward to working with you!!

  2. I think it's great that Evan believes. Those were some of the most magical childhood years I had - believing.